The Art of Tuxing: A gent’s guide to the tuxedo


The tuxedo is the West’s highest level of dress. It is a suit that features silk or grosgrain on the lapel and out seam of the trouser. The jacket collar is usually a shawl collar but a peak will work. The trouser does not have belt loops but rather side tabs. Given the formal nature of the tuxedo, a gent chooses to only wear one after 6 o’clock in the evening.

The tuxedo in all reality is a dinner jacket. Remember the days when men would dress for dinner? Probably not, it was so long ago. I despise guys that go to nice restaurants wearing sloppy clothing. Why? Let me tell you. Just because you came into some money and think you are such a bad ass, there are people that may have saved up for a special occasion and by your Nuevo riche nonsense, you take away from their enjoyment.

Every man over 30 should own his own tuxedo. Here is why you should consider our tuxedo.

  • The jacket is unconstructed and unlined. In today’s more casual environment, it is acceptable to have the formality of the tuxedo with the playful attitude that our jacket brings.
  • You can use the jacket and pants as separates’. Most men wear a tuxedo twice a year, if even. So, buying a tuxedo that hangs in your closet for 363 days a year does not make sense. Our jacket can easily be worn on its own; dress it down or up, it is extremely flexible.   The trousers will work great with any of your other jackets.
  • Our tuxedo pays tribute to the classic elements but we have made it a modern, sport style tuxedo that allows you to break it on down when the music gets going.
  • Oh, and last but not least, ours are pretty damn sexy – if you like that kind of thing.


Side notes that you should pay attention to:

  • Learn how to tie a bow tie. And the long tie with the tuxedo, save it for those boneheads walking down red carpets. Gents wear bow ties and tie them themselves.
  • Braces, suspenders are great, but make sure you have buttons sewn into the skirting of the pant. No clip-ons.
  • Cummerbunds are for guys who think fake floral in your lapel are cool. You want to stick a flower in your lapel, go get a real one…because that’s what granddaddy would do.
  • For summer events, a cool suede slipper shoe will work, just no bullshit motifs on the top. No one needs lame embroidered logos or emoticons to know you are ready to party. For fall and winter, a sleek shoe with laces does the trick. Shiny is good here, avoid dull shoes. When you tux, you should shine.

My work is about far more than creating clothing and a responsibility to myself, the consumer and the human existence. I do not design clothing, I engineer a wardrobe that offers versatility, function and sophistication. I am more focused on raising the bar and creating a timeless aesthetic. Trends are futile. For those that seek the exquisite, you will truly enjoy my work. After all, it was created with you in mind.​​


  1. Love the hat!! keep it with your outfit and yeah tuxedo jacket would really look very nice with your outfit. that is such a fun outfit for a dinner party. 🙂

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