Lessons In Style From: Gianni Versace

It is very unlikely that you’ve made it to the VK Nagrani blog without being tangentially aware of the brand Versace and its patriarch, Gianni Versace. The man was a powerhouse in the fashion world, and his love and curiosity for what he did fueled his empire. With big name celebrities like Madonna, the Artist (Formerly Known as Prince), Elton John, and Cher as his closest compatriots, it is no wonder that he was the first person in the fashion world to link the music industry. Something that had never been previously done before Gianni Versace.

You don’t become the biggest name in fashion without coming with a few admirable and reputable qualities. Here are a couple lessons in style that can be gleaned from Gianni Versace’s personality.

1. Love What You Do

Son to a seamstress and dressmaker, Gianni Versace was born into the fashion world. He nurtured a love of the industry through an apprenticeship at his mother’s shop. It was here that he really developed a strong love for design, which propelled him to study architecture during his time at university.

“I believe in style,” he said and let his imagination fly, designing clothes for those people he said he liked: individuals with a free sense of style. Inspired by Greek art, Alexander Calder, and Andy Warhol, he created beautiful, flamboyant gowns experimenting with materials such as leather, plastic, and metal.

2. Protect Your Friends

Versace was known to protect his friends from media abuse and give them refuge in one of his many homes. He was intrigued by what was going on in the mainstream media and with the personal lives of celebrities – who often returned the favor with lavish gifts and expensive items. Woody Allen offered him a role in one of his next films.

”I think he had a natural movie star personality, because he had such a large and generous presence,” Woody Allen spoke of Versace.

3. Always Keep Learning

Gianni Versace always had an intense curiosity for the world around him and used it to influence his work. Many of his contemporaries, once having made a name for themselves in the industry, would stick to the looks that made them famous. But Versace was constantly absorbing works of art and incorporating them into his pieces –be it the three-dimensional mobiles of Alexander Calder that he translated into couture dresses, the Byzantine mosaics he used as prints, or the hard leather punk look.

Gianni Versace was an innovator and leader in the world of fashion and love or hate his clothes, he had a heavy hand in bringing celebrities into the fold of style. He was a bold personality who was constantly learning, standing up for what he thought was right, and trying to break the mold. He was never comfortable standing still and always had to be pushing the envelope to create bigger, bolder statements.

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