My Two Bits: The Fashion Mullet

Let’s discuss the ever ubiquitous blazer or suit jacket and jean combination. What the f*** are you trying to say? Business up top and rebel below the belt?

I am a big fan of today’s more free approach to dressing.  However, before you break the rules, you should have a general understanding of the rules.  Every day I see men in denim and a suit jacket or blazer – more often than not, an ill-fitting jacket and bad denim.  Surprisingly, the fit does not piss me off as much as the mixing of these two looks.  I mean for Christ’s sake, it’s a fashion mullet – business up top, rebel down low.

You may feel differently, but allow me to explain why this look is so wrong.  First and foremost, denim is rebellious and steeped in blue-collar history.  The blazer or suit jacket is the opposite.  When paired together, the look is confusing, contrived, and uncertain.  It is like a cowboy wearing a tailored suit while out on the range – yes, stupid.  Would you use ketchup in place of tomato sauce?  Again, stupid.

I do get what the guy is trying to attempt.  I am a big believer that a man should wear a jacket, but it has to be the right jacket.  Go out and find a more casual looking jacket, unconstructed with natural shoulders, and on the shorter side.  Make sure it fits right and get a pair of jeans that fit perfectly.  And with regard to the denim fit, make sure to think of the type of shoes you plan to wear.  Go to a tailor and have them fit the jeans accordingly.

With regard to the denim, a clean wash, no holes because if you are pairing with a jacket, try to look balanced.  I love beat up denim, but that’s better paired with a real leather jacket or cool bomber.  Yes, I get it, you made a bunch of money in some tech startup or whatever and you don’t care.  That’s well and good but you still look like a douchebag.  Like the old saying, money ain’t never bought no one any class; I mean, just take a look at Trump.

And guys stop wearing denim when you are dining.  A few simple rules one should adhere to when dining.  Do not wear jeans if the restaurant has linens and white tablecloths.  Avoid denim if you will be eating with a knife and fork.  Never wear denim if the joint has a sommelier and you plan on drinking wine.  If you are at Applebee’s, hell wear a tank, ripped denim, flip-flops… nobody cares.

Something to ponder: Dressing for the occasion always elevates the occasion.


5 Film Characters Whose Style You Can Learn From

As a society, we often look to films and the main characters in them to be taken with powerful emotions. These emotions could be envy, adoration, disgust, love, hate, empathy, apathy and a whole host of other feelings. But aside from the circumstances and plot a character is in, we’re also drawn to their appearances and the clothes they wear. I am rarely influenced by celebrity but I happen to really like these blokes. You will notice, we are focused on the character they played rather than the actor himself.

The following characters on this list not only delivered brilliant performances on the silver screen, they did so looking stylish as hell. Since VK Nagrani’s all about clothing for men who enjoy fornicating, we thought we’d revisit five film characters whose style you can definitely learn a thing or two from.


Patrick Bateman American Psycho


Perhaps no character on this list was more concerned with the body products, accessories and clothes they donned than the maniacal Patrick Bateman. Bateman, often out of sync with the people and life that surrounded him, never missed a moment to look as exclusive as the restaurants he meticulously tried to make reservations at. From perfectly tailored double-breasted suits and power ties to his Brooks Brothers sunglasses, the yuppie-congested streets of late ‘80s Manhattan wouldn’t have looked the same without this sophisticated-looking serial killer.


Dickie Greenleaf – The Talented Mr. Ripley



Dickie Greenleaf had it all: a great girl, an endless trust fund, and all the R&R one could handle along the idyllic shores of Italy. He also possessed a unique and magnificent style that looked as good in The Talented Mr. Ripley’s ‘50s-era setting as it could in any major metropolis today. Greenleaf was the consummate playboy and wowed in garb that was equal parts ivy league, sexy and timeless.


Roger Thornhill – North By Northwest


If you’ve never seen the Hitchcock thriller with Cary Grant at the helm, dazzling with his otherworldly looks and utter confusion, you’re missing out. Roger Thornhill practically dons the grey tailored suit the whole film as he plays a man wrongly accused and on the run. Grey on grey with a white collared shirt backdrop is prime grade gent material. There’s simply nobody like Cary. Any aspiring gent should be looking to Grant for a crash course in looking suave.


Jules Winnfield – Pulp Fiction


Few characters throughout film possessed the style, grace and coolness of Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction. Who else could pull off a black single-breasted suit and tie with such allure? Though we don’t get to see Winnfield sport any other gentleman attire in the film (unless you count a UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs T-shirt), Winnfield’s forever immortalized with the gentleman aura he filled that classic suit with.


Gordon Gekko – Wall Street


The perfect anti-hero, Gordon Gekko captivated us with his greed and devil-like charm; making us love and hate him with the snap of a single suspender. The slicked back hair and expertly contrasted collared shirts asserted his power and no-nonsense approach to cutthroat business. Gekko was like a razor blade hiding in caviar: he lured you in with charm and elegance, offered to show you a better lifestyle, but in the end wanted to destroy you as swiftly as possible.

Dressing for Dinner: A Gentleman’s Guide

It would seem that in our culture, we’re experiencing a continual decline in the formality of events. While past generations would think about how they were going to dress before their next Pan Am flight, today’s travelers are more likely to throw on a pair of sweatpants and be on their merry fucking way. Though we do have some pretty killer designer sweatpants for men, we don’t recommend them for every occasion.

For the average guy, dressing up might feel like a chore, an obstacle to overcome, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. There are plenty of ways to dress for the occasion that aren’t going to take up inordinate amounts of your time and energy. The key is simply to stock your wardrobe with the high quality essentials you need to put something together without much thought. But you can read more about building a minimalist capsule wardrobe here.

As far as dressing for dinner is concerned, there’s the schmuck way to go about it, and then there’s the gentleman’s way of doing things. We recommend the latter but, of course, the decision is up to you.

The Gent Gets Dressed

Probably the simplest way to determine how you’re going to dress for dinner is to consider your contextual clues. If you’re going out to a restaurant, you have the perfect tool with Yelp. It’ll tell you exactly how formal you need to be, whether you’re headed somewhere stodgy or contemporary, and I guess it’ll tell you something about the food too. If you’re headed to a dinner party, your host should have the common courtesy of cluing you in as to the expected attire, whether that’s cocktail attire, business casual, or something a little bit more upscale. If you have trouble parsing the distinctions between those categories, you have your work cut out for you, but it’s not the end of the world.

Generally speaking, you don’t necessarily need to be wearing a jacket at every dinner, but it’s not going to hurt if you bring one along. One thing we don’t recommend, however, is going sans collar. While you can get away with a sophisticated tee in certain scenarios, you never want to make the mistake of showing up and attracting the wrong kind of attention for your choice of attire. Bring along a jacket that has some substance if you’re going to go that route. (We’d recommend the Cotton Jersey Jacket).

For most occasions, your best bet is going to be a versatile button down that you can dress up or down depending on how the mood strikes you throughout the evening. Nobody wants to be the most buttoned up guy in the room, and after the host uncorks a few bottles of wine, you’re not going to want to be the second-most buttoned up guy either. Play it safe and go with a neutral look that shows you know what’s high quality, what looks good, and what’s never going out of style.

For your pants, you can never go wrong with a solid pair of dark, well-tailored slacks, but there are more and more occasions where a dark pair of jeans are going to suit you just as well. Finish off the look with a subtle pair of suede shoes and you’ve got a golden look that never fails.

Check out more men’s designer clothing from VK Nagrani to upgrade your attire before your next dinner.

Clothing for Real Men, Not the Editorial Spread – VK Nagrani

While Men’s Fashion Week might have just come to a close in New York, we all know that those designers have an editorial and runway focus, rather than producing clothes that real guys can wear. At VK Nagrani, we take a different approach to men’s designer apparel. While we emphasize ultra-high quality materials and fine construction, we do so in a way that is both wearable and stylish for practical settings, because we know that you’re far more likely to need a suit jacket you can wear to the office than you are going to be in need of anything that makes It’s way down the runway.

Functional Style

One of the biggest issues that I take with how the fashion industry operates at large is how there is so often a lack of attention paid to the wearability and functionality of a garment. While there are certainly no shortage of opportunities to create something that is visually striking, that doesn’t necessarily translate to something of value unless you consider how it’s going to look and make you feel in a real-life setting.

Sure, you can design something for a photo shoot and it’s going to look great on a model in an exotic setting, but how is that going to look on a real guy in his real day to day life. Look, I’m not saying we should all throw away our aesthetic principles in favor of comfort alone, but there is an argument for clothing that holds those practicalities with at least as much emphasis as it does the visual design. We design clothes that strike a balance between the two, because we know real men want to wear something that is comfortable, fits well, looks great and makes you feel good.

Material Decisions

When choosing the materials used for our clothing, we make those decisions thoughtfully. Not all fabrics were created equally, and when it comes to comfort and wearability, you really start to notice the difference. We select high quality materials like Pima Cotton with a bit of stretch for our foundation wear, which feels great throughout the day, and gives the wearer some breathability. We use Dormieul wools from England for our suiting and the best cashmere we can find for our knitwear and concept pieces. We don’t allow any of the low quality bullshit into our clothes, because the men who wear our clothes can tell the difference. They know when a shirt is a VK Nagrani shirt and when it simply isn’t. And a gent knows that clothing, like himself, should age gracefully.

Longevity and Quality

Aside from basic concerns like comfort, breathability, and stretch, functional style means striving for a higher caliber design that is built to last. In a conversation with the Atlantic, visiting critic at Parsons The New School of Design, and member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Sara Kozlowski discussed the lack of consideration many low and mid-market brands have for their clothing’s day to day functionality, “I think when you’re going to the upper price points of designer clothes, people tend to be less conscious of trends and more into quality and longevity. But in mid-market, contemporary brands, trends are what drive the industry. In that regard, it’s an epic fail.” When the emphasis is placed on trendiness as opposed to genuine, lasting quality and timeless style, it’s the customer that ultimately suffers. A thoughtfully curated wardrobe includes clothing that is consciously chosen for its quality, and the wearer should be able to enjoy their clothing over time without a diminished experience.


Check out the VK Nagrani collection to find men’s clothing that fits your real life.

4 Common Traits of Confident Men

At VK Nagrani, we’re always looking for new ways to make you look your best, and we’re frequently told that the most attractive quality a guy can have is a strong sense of self-confidence.

While we all might strive to project a confident image to the world, it’s not always as straightforward as waking up one morning and simply deciding to be confident. That being said, certain men display some distinctive attributes that you can easily adopt to not only appear to be more confident, and thus attractive, but actually build up that confidence as well.

  • Dressing the Part

Projecting a sense of true self-confidence involves not being afraid to stand out from the pack. While blending in with the crowd will certainly help you to avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention, it’s also going to prevent you from attracting the right kind of attention as well. You might think that straying from the standard path and dressing a little more avant-garde is something that you’re simply uncomfortable with, you can ease yourself into it.

There are plenty of ways to make baby steps and build up your comfort level over time. Start with a funky pair of socks. It’s a flash of color at your ankle, and it’s hardly a major wardrobe overhaul, but it does channel the confident self-expression that you want others to note. It’s a small change now that can lead to a major positive impact down the line. As you start incorporating more of our high-quality menswear, you’ll notice the difference it makes in the way others treat you.

  • Holding an Opinion and Not Being Afraid to Express It

Aside from self-expression through your sartorial choices, you should aim to verbally express your opinions as well. While you might not feel comfortable expressing an unpopular opinion or attitude at the moment, it’s another attribute that you can develop over time.

Of course, there is a distinction between confidence and cockiness, and it’s important to recognize the differences between the two. Expressing your opinion doesn’t mean that you’re doing so at the expense of others who disagree with you, but rather that you’re getting involved in the conversation and paying attention to the world around you. Don’t be afraid to engage with controversial topics, because those are often the conversations that are the most significant. No safe comment about the weather is going to project confidence, nor pique anyone’s interest for that matter. In the words of Sir Winston Churchill, “If you do not have enemies, you have never taken a stand.” So go ahead, show some backbone and take a stand.

  • Acknowledging When You Were Wrong

Confident folks might express their opinions, but they’re also open to recognizing the validity of other views. If you’re not willing to listen to your peers when they bring up their points, why would anyone listen to your points in turn? Acknowledging when you were wrong or incorrect shows that you don’t need to cling to ideas that are disproven.

It shows that you can take the high road and be the bigger person, putting disagreements in the past and moving into a more likeable future. Recognizing this demonstrates your self-awareness, and it shows that you’re confident enough to know that changing one opinion doesn’t need to fundamentally change you as a person. And hey, if it doesn’t fundamentally change you, that’s probably a change for the better.

In the words on INC, “Truly confident people admit their mistakes… They don’t mind serving as a cautionary tale. They don’t mind being a source of laughter – for others and for themselves. When you’re truly confident, you don’t mind occasionally ‘looking bad.’ You realize that when you’re genuine and unpretentious, people don’t laugh at you. They laugh with you.”

  • Stop Posturing for Approval from Strangers

Confident guys don’t go out of their way to get approval from others. You might stop and think to yourself that you appreciate the validation that comes from recognition from others. And you certainly don’t need to turn into a lone wolf with no regard for the thoughts of others to seem confident, but really confident guys are not stopping to think about what every person who walks past them on the street might be critiquing. Just ask our head honcho, VK himself.

There’s no way to live authentically when you’re feeling the constant need for approval. It simply boils down to the fact that the more confident and happy a person is, the more satisfied they are with their appearance, their friends, their lifestyle, and their person.

Adopt these four traits and you’ll not only project confidence, but you’ll feel it as well. Get a head start and a boost to your confidence with some VK Nagrani duds today!

The Capsule Collection: Stylish Minimalism


In a world saturated with information, technology, noise and total bullshit, men are in search of ways to simplify their overall lives. We do not plan to take you on a spiritual journey, but we can help you alleviate the stress of having to figure out what to wear every time you open your closet. Imagine saving 10 minutes a day, which is over 12 days of your life over the next five years. 12 days thinking about what to wear? Are you kidding me?

When you take a look at antique furniture or pictures of closets and armoires from the past, you will surely notice that they were not incredibly large. Today, life is driven by consumption. The more you have, the more you think your winning; however, in reality you are losing. You are losing TIME and that is the most precious asset of all.

The term “capsule wardrobe” was coined by Susie Faux in the 1970’s. She created a boutique in London with a very simple concept: essential pieces of clothing that could be mixed and matched and highlighted with key accessories. The idea is still perfect. Style does not change like fashion. Get the right things and you will remain stylish for years.

In all reality, are you really so fashionable that you are in trend with what some magazine or TV show is paid to say is “the fashion”.  And who made them the experts? Stop being a schmuck. Stick with the essentials, and you need not have to worry. I mean, if Kanye is wearing something, you should immediately go out and buy it…dumb ass.

Men desire to be better dressed, debonair, but most have no clue. They go into a department store and get hosed by a commissioned sales guy who is trying to make payments on his Toyota Corolla. Yes, think about that, that is who you are choosing to pick your wardrobe. And you ask him, “What do you think, does it fit? Does it look good?” Newsflash, they guy just wants to make his car payment, he really could careless how you look. That explains why so many people buy such ugly shit.

Here is an easy way to build your Capsule Collection:

  1. Pick the foundation colour scheme that works for you. For men, spoiler alert, it usually is navy and grey and shades of navy and grey. Your accoutrements, shirts, shoes can be avenues of expression, but be cool. Don’t scream, speak softly. Idiots tend to always overdue it with obnoxious colour choices. One piece, perfect, more than that, you’re crossing the line.
  2. Pick shapes and styles that fit you best. Stop looking at what celebs are wearing or what the magazines tell you is the way to dress. Dress according to your shape and level of confidence. Make sure the clothing fits you, not just covers you. Do you feel good, do you feel sexy? That is all that matters. If comfort is all you ask of your clothing, why bother, live in sweats, but own it and make it stylish.
  3. Seek quality over quantity. This really does not mean go pay for a big name label. That stuff tends to be average quality at best. What you are paying for is for them to advertise to you to make yourself feel like you are more worthy. In truth, you are an idiot.
  4. Each piece should be able to work with at least two other pieces in your collection. So as much as you may love that window pane jacket in bright pink, don’t be a fool.
  5. Your character should be the best piece of your wardrobe. Remember, tools always tend to overcompensate with material things. Simple, elegant, quiet with a touch of expression is always in style. Fashion, well, save that for the ladies. Gents always focus on style.

The Art of Tuxing: A gent’s guide to the tuxedo


The tuxedo is the West’s highest level of dress. It is a suit that features silk or grosgrain on the lapel and out seam of the trouser. The jacket collar is usually a shawl collar but a peak will work. The trouser does not have belt loops but rather side tabs. Given the formal nature of the tuxedo, a gent chooses to only wear one after 6 o’clock in the evening.

The tuxedo in all reality is a dinner jacket. Remember the days when men would dress for dinner? Probably not, it was so long ago. I despise guys that go to nice restaurants wearing sloppy clothing. Why? Let me tell you. Just because you came into some money and think you are such a bad ass, there are people that may have saved up for a special occasion and by your Nuevo riche nonsense, you take away from their enjoyment.

Every man over 30 should own his own tuxedo. Here is why you should consider our tuxedo.

  • The jacket is unconstructed and unlined. In today’s more casual environment, it is acceptable to have the formality of the tuxedo with the playful attitude that our jacket brings.
  • You can use the jacket and pants as separates’. Most men wear a tuxedo twice a year, if even. So, buying a tuxedo that hangs in your closet for 363 days a year does not make sense. Our jacket can easily be worn on its own; dress it down or up, it is extremely flexible.   The trousers will work great with any of your other jackets.
  • Our tuxedo pays tribute to the classic elements but we have made it a modern, sport style tuxedo that allows you to break it on down when the music gets going.
  • Oh, and last but not least, ours are pretty damn sexy – if you like that kind of thing.


Side notes that you should pay attention to:

  • Learn how to tie a bow tie. And the long tie with the tuxedo, save it for those boneheads walking down red carpets. Gents wear bow ties and tie them themselves.
  • Braces, suspenders are great, but make sure you have buttons sewn into the skirting of the pant. No clip-ons.
  • Cummerbunds are for guys who think fake floral in your lapel are cool. You want to stick a flower in your lapel, go get a real one…because that’s what granddaddy would do.
  • For summer events, a cool suede slipper shoe will work, just no bullshit motifs on the top. No one needs lame embroidered logos or emoticons to know you are ready to party. For fall and winter, a sleek shoe with laces does the trick. Shiny is good here, avoid dull shoes. When you tux, you should shine.

What the hell do I wear for a first date? Interview? Summer wedding?

When it comes to day to day living, most men put very little thought into what they are going to wear. There are far more important things to think about like what is for lunch or what the new intern will be wearing. For most men, it would be strange to take the time to actually think about what they will wear.

What most men do not realize is that dressing right puts you in the game. It elevates your mood, sets you in motion and puts you in a positive mood. There is no need to go peacock, just maybe a clean shirt, pressed trousers and some shoes that have been shined. Is that too much to ask for?

What is very strange is that this same Neanderthal man gets really concerned when a scheduled event takes place. Be it a first date, an interview or a wedding, men wake up and finally ask, ‘What do I wear?’ We sat back with the boys at the Lodge and discussed the options: age, lifestyle, and personal style are all factored in. Today there are very few steadfast rules when it comes to dressing for an occasion. However, taste and style are still relevant.

A first date, according to Max Hirsch, 26, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

According to Max, a first date always takes place in a low-key, casual setting. “You know, I don’t want to set the bar too high right off the bat…’cause I don’t roll like that”. Glad my daughter has so much to look forward to. In my time, dating was an art form. These days, it’s just too easy so there is no real effort put into the process.

Max says, “A cool leather jacket, a tee shirt, trousers and a pair of vans.”

An Interview, according to VK Nagrani, 43, New York, NY.

VK has only been on a few interviews and he said, “I never got the job.” It would be far fetched to assume it was his clothing that hindered him from cubicle hell, so it would be fair to assume it was his personality.

VK says, “For men seeking a white collar job, you cannot go wrong with a well-fitted navy single-breasted suit. Put on a white shirt, a solid tie and some decent shoes with laces. Make sure your hands are groomed and clean. Unsightly hands are never welcome. If you shave, shave with intention and make sure no patches and if you have a beard, keep it groomed. In this case, do not wear our suit, it would surely send the wrong message.”

A summer wedding, according to Drew Brando, 30, Harlem, NY.

With wedding season in full bloom, we wanted to know what Drew Brando, Stylist at VKNAGRANI, recommended. As a wedding guest, it is important to dress well and enhance the atmosphere of the couple’s special event.

Drew says, “Follow the invitation. If the invite is formal, you need to dress formal. It is always better to err on the side of over dressed. If the message is not clear, here are a few of my suggestions. For beach weddings, a great linen shirt, well fitted trousers, loafers and a light weight jacket. For receptions that are not specified as ‘black tie’ a well fitted double-breasted suit, shirt and tie. Keep it clean and classy, kids.”