5 Film Characters Whose Style You Can Learn From

As a society, we often look to films and the main characters in them to be taken with powerful emotions. These emotions could be envy, adoration, disgust, love, hate, empathy, apathy and a whole host of other feelings. But aside from the circumstances and plot a character is in, we’re also drawn to their appearances and the clothes they wear. I am rarely influenced by celebrity but I happen to really like these blokes. You will notice, we are focused on the character they played rather than the actor himself.

The following characters on this list not only delivered brilliant performances on the silver screen, they did so looking stylish as hell. Since VK Nagrani’s all about clothing for men who enjoy fornicating, we thought we’d revisit five film characters whose style you can definitely learn a thing or two from.


Patrick Bateman American Psycho


Perhaps no character on this list was more concerned with the body products, accessories and clothes they donned than the maniacal Patrick Bateman. Bateman, often out of sync with the people and life that surrounded him, never missed a moment to look as exclusive as the restaurants he meticulously tried to make reservations at. From perfectly tailored double-breasted suits and power ties to his Brooks Brothers sunglasses, the yuppie-congested streets of late ‘80s Manhattan wouldn’t have looked the same without this sophisticated-looking serial killer.


Dickie Greenleaf – The Talented Mr. Ripley



Dickie Greenleaf had it all: a great girl, an endless trust fund, and all the R&R one could handle along the idyllic shores of Italy. He also possessed a unique and magnificent style that looked as good in The Talented Mr. Ripley’s ‘50s-era setting as it could in any major metropolis today. Greenleaf was the consummate playboy and wowed in garb that was equal parts ivy league, sexy and timeless.


Roger Thornhill – North By Northwest


If you’ve never seen the Hitchcock thriller with Cary Grant at the helm, dazzling with his otherworldly looks and utter confusion, you’re missing out. Roger Thornhill practically dons the grey tailored suit the whole film as he plays a man wrongly accused and on the run. Grey on grey with a white collared shirt backdrop is prime grade gent material. There’s simply nobody like Cary. Any aspiring gent should be looking to Grant for a crash course in looking suave.


Jules Winnfield – Pulp Fiction


Few characters throughout film possessed the style, grace and coolness of Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction. Who else could pull off a black single-breasted suit and tie with such allure? Though we don’t get to see Winnfield sport any other gentleman attire in the film (unless you count a UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs T-shirt), Winnfield’s forever immortalized with the gentleman aura he filled that classic suit with.


Gordon Gekko – Wall Street


The perfect anti-hero, Gordon Gekko captivated us with his greed and devil-like charm; making us love and hate him with the snap of a single suspender. The slicked back hair and expertly contrasted collared shirts asserted his power and no-nonsense approach to cutthroat business. Gekko was like a razor blade hiding in caviar: he lured you in with charm and elegance, offered to show you a better lifestyle, but in the end wanted to destroy you as swiftly as possible.

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