4 Common Traits of Confident Men

At VK Nagrani, we’re always looking for new ways to make you look your best, and we’re frequently told that the most attractive quality a guy can have is a strong sense of self-confidence.

While we all might strive to project a confident image to the world, it’s not always as straightforward as waking up one morning and simply deciding to be confident. That being said, certain men display some distinctive attributes that you can easily adopt to not only appear to be more confident, and thus attractive, but actually build up that confidence as well.

  • Dressing the Part

Projecting a sense of true self-confidence involves not being afraid to stand out from the pack. While blending in with the crowd will certainly help you to avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention, it’s also going to prevent you from attracting the right kind of attention as well. You might think that straying from the standard path and dressing a little more avant-garde is something that you’re simply uncomfortable with, you can ease yourself into it.

There are plenty of ways to make baby steps and build up your comfort level over time. Start with a funky pair of socks. It’s a flash of color at your ankle, and it’s hardly a major wardrobe overhaul, but it does channel the confident self-expression that you want others to note. It’s a small change now that can lead to a major positive impact down the line. As you start incorporating more of our high-quality menswear, you’ll notice the difference it makes in the way others treat you.

  • Holding an Opinion and Not Being Afraid to Express It

Aside from self-expression through your sartorial choices, you should aim to verbally express your opinions as well. While you might not feel comfortable expressing an unpopular opinion or attitude at the moment, it’s another attribute that you can develop over time.

Of course, there is a distinction between confidence and cockiness, and it’s important to recognize the differences between the two. Expressing your opinion doesn’t mean that you’re doing so at the expense of others who disagree with you, but rather that you’re getting involved in the conversation and paying attention to the world around you. Don’t be afraid to engage with controversial topics, because those are often the conversations that are the most significant. No safe comment about the weather is going to project confidence, nor pique anyone’s interest for that matter. In the words of Sir Winston Churchill, “If you do not have enemies, you have never taken a stand.” So go ahead, show some backbone and take a stand.

  • Acknowledging When You Were Wrong

Confident folks might express their opinions, but they’re also open to recognizing the validity of other views. If you’re not willing to listen to your peers when they bring up their points, why would anyone listen to your points in turn? Acknowledging when you were wrong or incorrect shows that you don’t need to cling to ideas that are disproven.

It shows that you can take the high road and be the bigger person, putting disagreements in the past and moving into a more likeable future. Recognizing this demonstrates your self-awareness, and it shows that you’re confident enough to know that changing one opinion doesn’t need to fundamentally change you as a person. And hey, if it doesn’t fundamentally change you, that’s probably a change for the better.

In the words on INC, “Truly confident people admit their mistakes… They don’t mind serving as a cautionary tale. They don’t mind being a source of laughter – for others and for themselves. When you’re truly confident, you don’t mind occasionally ‘looking bad.’ You realize that when you’re genuine and unpretentious, people don’t laugh at you. They laugh with you.”

  • Stop Posturing for Approval from Strangers

Confident guys don’t go out of their way to get approval from others. You might stop and think to yourself that you appreciate the validation that comes from recognition from others. And you certainly don’t need to turn into a lone wolf with no regard for the thoughts of others to seem confident, but really confident guys are not stopping to think about what every person who walks past them on the street might be critiquing. Just ask our head honcho, VK himself.

There’s no way to live authentically when you’re feeling the constant need for approval. It simply boils down to the fact that the more confident and happy a person is, the more satisfied they are with their appearance, their friends, their lifestyle, and their person.

Adopt these four traits and you’ll not only project confidence, but you’ll feel it as well. Get a head start and a boost to your confidence with some VK Nagrani duds today!

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