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High Dress

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  1. Have you always wanted a shirt that would be as comfortable as your favourite T-shirt, fit like it was custom-made for you, and allowed you to stay as cool as possible no matter how high the mer...

  2. Made using pure Albini fabrics, these shirts are then handmade and limited to one per size in each pattern.

    I know, crazy, but that is why you enjoy VKNAGRANI pieces.

  3. Handmade in Italy using a cashmere and cotton fabric this shirt is beyond. It is super light and the touch is short of godsend.

    We made two per size in 5 different patterns/colour...

  4. In our pursuit to bring you the most exclusive pieces, we worked with a mill to get fabric that never went into production. Each piece yielded about six shirts, one per size. We just do not find...

  5. The Lucky Guru shirt is a reflection of the VKNagrani brand's creativity, vividity, and flexibility; we created this shirt for the most exclusive, cool, and stylish gent. We worked with few but ...

Set Descending Direction

5 Item(s)