Civilized Living

More so than ever, we are seeing a strong resurgence of the gentleman.  Men are finally starting to return to
the finer details of what it means to be a gentleman.  The great thing about the recession is that it forced many
of us to re-evaluate our priorities. 
Consumption for the mere sake of consumption has curtailed.  Men are also
realizing that dressing better does make a difference. 
In a world polluted with low quality, commoditized clothing
has left many men seeking better options.  Perhaps we are following the 
ways of European men.  I say this
because men are choosing fewer pieces but demanding better quality.  Younger men are enjoying 
wearing suits
not just for work, but also for going out.  Am I to believe that the dinner suit is making a comeback? 
I am thrilled to see 
men dressing like men again.  

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