Three Things That Won’t Happen in Cotton Socks

Sometimes in life, it’s the little things that matter. When it comes to your apparel, your socks are no exception to the rule. When you’re wearing comfortable pima cotton socks from a luxury designer brand, you’re on top of the world. While it might take a little intimacy before you’re going to impress anyone with your choice of socks, they’re there when you need them. Aside from impressions, socks can a longer way then you’d think to keep your mood elevated throughout the day. Let’s take a look at some of the unexpected ways in which a pair of cotton socks can make everyday life just a little bit better.

Say Goodbye to Blisters

While you might be a fan of wearing your shoes without adequate sock coverage, you’re only doing yourself a disservice. Spending a little extra money to invest in a pair of nice socks is going to make a world of a difference to give you a comfortable experience throughout the day. Say goodbye to uncomfortable blisters from that new pair shoes you haven’t quit worn in yet.

Adieu to Foot Odor

Aside from causing blisters from chafing issues, wearing shoes without socks can cause other issues like foot odor. It’s just an unfortunate fact of life that men’s feet sweat while we’re out and about during the day. That sweat can lead to some pretty unpleasant smells in a short period of time. And unless you’re a professional surfer, chances are slim that you can get away with wearing sandals every day.

The biggest reason men don’t want to wear socks with their shoes is that they’re embarrassed of the socks they’re wearing, and there no better reason to invest in high quality socks that you actually want to show off. The VK Nagrani line of pima cotton socks are part of your overall look, giving you a way to add a pop of color to your outfit in an unconventional way. Not convinced? Check out what Mario Bisio, president and owner of luxury clothing store, Mario’s has to say about Nagrani’s socks, “I would have never thought that a pair of socks would make me re-think the entire merchandising of my store.  The attention to detail, the story and the consumer’s love affair with the VKNAGRANI brand made me want everything in my store to have the same effect.”

Shoe Deterioration

If you’re not concerned with you’re the comfort and well-being of your feet, you should at least be concerned with your shoes. Like any sartorially concerned gentleman knows, you can always tell a man by his shoes. If you’re wearing your favorite pairs of shoes day in and day out without wearing socks, you’re going to cause them to deteriorate much more quickly than they would with a pair of cotton socks to act as a protective barrier. The sweat and friction from bare foot in the shoe can sink into the material and prematurely age your shoe, going past the broken-in stage and straight to weathered and ratty looking. While you might like the look of sock-less shoes, we doubt you’re going to like replacing all of your pairs after a couple months of wear.

So with your best interests in mind, it’s pretty difficult to justify a life without comfortable socks when it can lead to uncomfortable blistering, distasteful foot odor, and worn out shoes. Do yourself a favor and pick up some pima cotton socks from VK Nagrani. You’re feet with thank you.

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