Man Of The Month – Raymond Ezell

Raymond Ezell
Durham, North Carolina

At my age now, I have a hard time remembering dates.  However, I do remember meeting Mr. Raymond Ezell at Liles Clothing Studio in Raleigh, North Carolina.  It was many years ago, but we remain great friends.  Today, Mr. Ezell religiously posts pictures of the socks he wears every day.  He is an avid cyclist and eventually will come to the Big Apple to experience 87H and get a taste of what we really do. Mr. Ezell, thank you for being such a loyal client and friend.  Given his ultra svelte physique, we can only imagine the posts when he starts wearing our underwear.


Raymond Ezell hanging with VK Nagrani at Liles Clothing Studio, Fall 2011

1. Hotel of choice in NC:
E: The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary, NC.
2. Favorite restaurant in NC:
E: Fleming’s Raleigh, NC.
3. Favorite thing(s) to do in NC:
E: Hiking in the Al Buehler Trail (Durham, NC), shopping for clothes (Liles Clothing Studio, North Hills Raleigh, NC), reading, exercising and teaching spinning at the local YMCA (Durham, NC).
4. Favorite bar in NC:
E: Counting House, TRU Deli and Wine (both in Durham, NC) and ACME (Chapel Hill, NC).
5. Favorite drink of choice?
E: Barcardi Dark with Coke.
6. What differentiates VKN from anything else you own:
E: The design and quality are superior to any other brands that I have previously owned. I have more than 200 pairs of his men’s hosiery.
7. Favorite VK Nagrani picks:
E: I love to wear his hosiery and his briefs.


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