Man Of The Month – Chris Patton





Mr. Patton wearing the Moto Leather Jacket in mercury.


Mr. Patton is one of our original believers.  Our relationship began over 12 years ago.  Over the years, we have named socks after each of his three kids and one just for him.  As time has passed, we have become friends and a sense of trust has been established.  Mr. Patton, at 6′ 5″ and all muscle requires pieces to be made exclusively for him. 

When I am working on a particular piece, I always save fabric to make a custom, one of a kind piece for him.  He may never even see it until it is delivered to him.  It is that kind of trust that we aim for with each and every one of our clients.  Mr. Patton, here is to many more years to come.  Thank you for your friendship and support.





 “When I showed my 3rd child Sidney what her sock design was. She was fired up!”



Q & A


Ping pong, Corn hole, golf, MTN biking, and surfing. I have never disliked a competitive game.


Hotel of choice
The W Hotel in D.C., the view on the rooftop is awesome.


Favorite restaurant
IL Giardino Ristorante, Virginia Beach, VA.


Favorite thing to do in D.C.
I like live music, and D.C. brings in great talent.  Other than that, I have a great family and group of friends.  We golf, MTN bike, ping pong and Corn hole all the time.


Favorite bar
Club Rex, 113 King Street, Alexandria VA.


Favorite drink of choice
Gave up alcohol many years ago, now I drink Pellegrino.


What differentiates VKN from anything else you own
I am an early supporter of VK Nagrani, and have worn his clothing for more than 10 years.  All of my children have socks that were named after them.  Watching the transformation from socks to lifestyle clothing has been cool.  The quality is demanding.


Favorite VK Nagrani picks
Any socks, underwear, pajamas, shirts and now jackets…  My favorite piece in my entire wardrobe is this leather jacket I got last year.  When I put it on, I have that “bad ass” feeling.




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Man Of The Month – Ernie Sadau

Ernie Sadau
Global Citizen

Mr. Sadau is a perfect example of the type of man we cater to.  He is based in Dallas, Texas but on any given day he could be in London, Tokyo, India or Paris.  He is the quintessential 72 hour man.  Given his schedule and his distaste for shopping, Mr. Sadau leaves his wardrobe in the hands of his wonderful wife Roxanne.  The two were recently in New York and Roxanne managed to convince him to come to the Lodge.  For a man who hates shopping, Mr. Sadau and his wife spent hours in the Lodge.  He admitted, after a few whiskies, that he never thought he could spend a day shopping. We now get texts from him across the globe sharing the various compliments he continues to get.


Mr. Sadau wearing the Moto Leather Jacket in black.

1. Hotel of choice in Dallas:
S: Hotel Zaza, The Medusa Suite.
2. Favorite restaurant in Dallas:
S: 18th & Vine.
3. Favorite thing to do in Dallas:
S: Depends on the mood.
4. Favorite bar in Dallas:
S: The Standard Pour.
5. Favorite cocktail:
S: Whatever VK is pouring.
6. What differentiates VKN from anything else you own:
S: There’s nothing that even compares.
7. Favorite VK Nagrani picks:
S: The Moto Leather Jacket, The Branson Suit, and I can keep going on and on but I’ll stop there.


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