VKN Man of the Month | Leo Tucker

Leo Tucker
Managing Partner of Northwest Mutual
Wealth Management & Financial Planning

If one is paying attention, they realize when the universe is letting us know we are doing the right thing.  This is the case with Mr. and Mrs. Tucker. We were introduced by long time friend and client Jim Meeks. As with Jim, we hit it off immediately. Two bottles of wine, lots of laughs and a serious discussion about style and the role of man in today’s world.  There is a genuine appreciation for folks like Leo because it inspires me to create better. The bar just got elevated. And as Mr. Tucker found out that night at 87H, using the Centurion Card at the house will cost you.

Mr. Tucker wearing the Toronto Jacket in beige.

  • Hotel of choice — St. Regis on K Street
  • Favorite restaurant — Bourbon Steak House
  • Favorite thing to do in DC  — Fishing at Shenandoah
  • Favorite bar in DC  — Four Seasons
  • Favorite drink — Balvenie 21 over 2 ice cubes
  • What differentiates VKN from anything else you own — It’s not just about clothes, it’s about an experience and lifestyle. He captures the essence of what I as a man love about dressing well.
  • Favorite VK Nagrani picks — The Captain Shirt is the best shirt in the universe and the outerwear is practical, trendy but classic.


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Man Of The Month – Raymond Ezell

Raymond Ezell
Durham, North Carolina

At my age now, I have a hard time remembering dates.  However, I do remember meeting Mr. Raymond Ezell at Liles Clothing Studio in Raleigh, North Carolina.  It was many years ago, but we remain great friends.  Today, Mr. Ezell religiously posts pictures of the socks he wears every day.  He is an avid cyclist and eventually will come to the Big Apple to experience 87H and get a taste of what we really do. Mr. Ezell, thank you for being such a loyal client and friend.  Given his ultra svelte physique, we can only imagine the posts when he starts wearing our underwear.


Raymond Ezell hanging with VK Nagrani at Liles Clothing Studio, Fall 2011

1. Hotel of choice in NC:
E: The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary, NC.
2. Favorite restaurant in NC:
E: Fleming’s Raleigh, NC.
3. Favorite thing(s) to do in NC:
E: Hiking in the Al Buehler Trail (Durham, NC), shopping for clothes (Liles Clothing Studio, North Hills Raleigh, NC), reading, exercising and teaching spinning at the local YMCA (Durham, NC).
4. Favorite bar in NC:
E: Counting House, TRU Deli and Wine (both in Durham, NC) and ACME (Chapel Hill, NC).
5. Favorite drink of choice?
E: Barcardi Dark with Coke.
6. What differentiates VKN from anything else you own:
E: The design and quality are superior to any other brands that I have previously owned. I have more than 200 pairs of his men’s hosiery.
7. Favorite VK Nagrani picks:
E: I love to wear his hosiery and his briefs.


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VKN Man Of The Month – April

Sunjay J Kapur
Chairman of Sona Group
Auto Component Manufacturing
India | Germany | USA

For those who believe in past lives, you know when you meet someone, you knew them from before.  This is the case with this month’s ‘Man of the Month’.  Mr. Sunjay Kapur grew up on the complete opposite tracks as I did.  Industrialist, TV star, champion Polo player and deemed by GQ India as the “Duke of Delhi.”  Of course when we first met at a friend’s wedding in Houston, he automatically assumed that anyone he did not know must be part of the staff.  For most of the evening, Mr. Kapur was puzzled as to why the limousine driver (me) was drinking whiskey with the other guests.  This seriously concerned him to the point that he approached me to interrogate me on my behavior.  Of course, I rebutted with a very harsh use of language that eventually set a lifelong friendship in place.  Today, Mr. Kapur is Chairman of a global manufacturing business in Delhi and a fan of both myself and the brand.  Over the past few years, Mr. Kapur has also become far more enlightened and has steered away from the so called “luxury” labels in lieu of true craftsmanship.  Cheers, Mr. Kapur, I look forward to our India invasion soon.

Mr. Kapur wearing the Gingham shirt in navy.

1. Hotel of choice
K: The Leela Palace, New Delhi.
2. Favorite restaurant
K: Wasabi!
3. Favorite thing to do in New Delhi
K: Run the Devil’s Circuit obstacle challenge.
4. Favorite bar in New Delhi
K: The Library Bar, Town Hall, and Public Affair.
5. Favorite cocktail
K: Red wine; full bodied.
6. What differentiates VKN from anything else you own
K: The socks never drop, the jackets fit like a glove and the shirts feel like you’re wearing a T-shirt.
7. Favorite VK Nagrani picks
K: The socks and the Aeroforce jacket!

VKN Man Of The Month – February

Dave Ruden
Sportswriter, Editor-in-Chief of The Ruden Report
CEO of DRL Media, Fairfield County, CT
Hobbies: blues music & working out

Several years ago I was doing an event at Mitchell’s in Westport, CT and in walks in Dave Ruden.  I noticed him right away because of his terrible choice in jeans.  I approached him and inquired about what he was thinking.  Like most men, the response was, “I like being comfortable.”  Sure, that is great but why bother, just wear a damn Snuggie and really be comfortable.  Who would have known that a wonderful relationship would have started this way?  Over the years, we have become really good friends.  In fact, we even named a sock after him.  Dave is a warm-hearted, sincere man and is a great ambassador for the VKN brand.  He made the VKN brand a part of his family, introducing us to his brother Jeff, an equally great guy.   He is slowly introducing us to select people from his world and letting them in on the VKN secret.  Salute, Mr. Ruden, and yes, we will eventually advertise with the Ruden Report.


Mr. Ruden wearing the Linen shirt in blue and Hot Lana in turquoise.

1. Hotel of choice
R: Parc 55, San Francisco.
2. Favorite restaurant
R: Cava in New Canaan & Match in Norwalk, CT.
3. Favorite thing to do in CT
R: Going to hear live music locally at the Ridgefield Playhouse & FTC in Fairfield.
4. Favorite bar in CT
R: Bar Rosso, Stamford.
5. Favorite cocktail
R: Anything by the Maine Beer Company, Cakebread Cabernet.
6. What differentiates VKN from anything else you own
R: Perfect fit, perfect style, versatility of all pieces. Being able to do more with less.
7. Favorite VK Nagrani picks
R: Captain shirt, Linen shirt, and all the socks (especially The Ruden).




VKN Man Of The Month – January

Scott Kline
Manager of  Muleshoe Vet Supply
4 miles from Muleshoe, Texas and Part-time Farmer

In a world filled with wannabes, checklist rich and douche bag galore, it is always refreshing to meet men of character. They have no care for what you think of them unless you actually know them. They could give a rat’s ass about how much you make or have if you lack integrity and character. Allow us to introduce you to Mr. Scott Kline, a cowboy gent. We find ourselves privileged to know that a gent like Mr. Kline enjoys not just what we make but what we stand for. Many seem confused by what we do and we like it that way. Right from the start, the objective was always to create clothing for those with an elevated sense of being. Thank you, Mr. Kline for validating our mission.


Mr. Kline rocking the Reversible Body Warmer in Navy.

1. Hotel of choice
    The Embassy Suites in Dallas/Fort Worth.
2. Favorite restaurant
    Leal’s Mexican Restaurant in Muleshoe, Texas.
3. Favorite thing to do in Muleshoe
     Riding ATVs with my children.
4. Favorite bar
    Rain Uptown in Lubbock, Texas.
5. Favorite cocktail
     Miller Lite beer or Maker’s Mark Manhattan on the rocks.
6. What differentiates VKN from anything else you own
    Exceptional fit for me and outstanding service from sales rep Nita O’Neil.
7. Favorite VK Nagrani picks
    My favorite pieces are my Reversible Vest and my flannel shirts.



VKN Man Of The Month – November


Unlike most designers, my focus has always been on a very particular type of man. My job is to create clothing for the enlightened man. It has nothing to do with body type, financial disposition, or social status. Each piece is created for the man who seeks more. A perfect example is Mr. Charles Morgan. Initially introduced to us through “41”, many years ago. Over the years, Mr. Morgan has become a great client and an even greater friend. Former chief counsel for BellSouth and then Chiquita Brands, Mr. Morgan is not one to be pushed around. Whenever he is in New York, he makes it a point to stop by the lodge for even a few minutes to have a drink and say hello. A true gent in every way. My favorite story with Mr. Morgan was one night he stopped by the lodge for a drink before a black tie event during the 2012 election. I asked Mr. Morgan if the electoral college was indeed real and not some system controlled by the Koch brothers to determine the U.S. Presidency. Mr. Morgan looked at me and said, with a solid tone, “Put your tux on and come with me tonight, you can meet a lot of the members of the Electoral College”.


Mr. Morgan wearing the Captain shirt in light blue and Type X 2 in dark grey.

  • Hotel of choice — The Carlyle
  • Favorite restaurant — Commander’s Palace in New Orleans
  • Favorite thing to do in NYC  — Work out at the New York Athletic Club.
  • Favorite bar in NYC  — Bemelmans
  • Favorite cocktail — McCallans on the rocks
  • What differentiates VKN from anything else you own — Unsurpassed Quality and Timeless Style
  • Favorite VK Nagrani picks — Great socksawesome shirts, and fantastic sweaters!