What makes a man sexy from a straight man’s perspective?

As a straight man, do I really have the credentials to discuss what makes a man sexy? After all, that would be counterintuitive, correct? One would agree; however, being in a rather superficial, judgmental, often full of hot air industry, I think we are well versed to provide you with what we believe makes a man sexy. Everyone has their type, but can we assume there is a universal set of traits, behaviors that we can all agree make a man sexy?

Let’s start with the totally superficial, the phenotype or physical characteristics. Be it a chiseled mid-section or a soft belly, to each her own. But the following physical attributes can objectively be included in defining the primitive, sexy male essence.

  • Sexy guys are groomed. This does not mean overly “man-scaped” but rather neatly groomed yet still apparent that one is a man. Having lunch lurking around your teeth or grime in your nails may appeal to a few, but remember we are talking about universally sexy.
  • Sexy guys tend to be in decent shape. Not everyone has the time or desire to spend most of the day in a gym and eating salads. A decent physical shape sends a message that one has discipline and takes care of him self and therefore would prove to be a good mate. This is simply an evolutionary fact. This let’s the female know you are physically able to provide and protect.
  • Sexy guys smell good. Well, this is a strange one. Our pheromones vary and like any chemical reaction, it appeals or repeals others. The good news is that a bit of fragrance, and I mean just a hint allows us all a fair chance.
  • Sexy guys have style. This is not particularly about the way a man dress, it is a way a man carries himself. With the right swag, sexy ranges from a vee neck t-shirt and jeans to a tailored suit. Style is about the way in which a man carries himself. Guys with a more relaxed, easy walk tend to be sexier than a guy with an awkward walk, jus’ sayin’.

Now, let us move our attention to demeanor. The way in which a man exists can be even sexier than the physical attributes.

  • Sexy guys have a cool, calm and level head. The “it will all be fine” attitude is the perfect balance to most women’s constant sense of urgency, inquiry or worry.
  • Sexy guys are courteous. Men who open doors for women or stand when a woman enters or exits exhibit a sense of culture and refinement. Again, a good indicator of a better gene pool. By now, she could careless what you look like or smell like, she see’s future generations of good genes.
  • Sexy guys are attentive. Men who listen and remember what they heard tend to have an edge over guys who just pretend to listen.
  • Sexy guys are confident, not arrogant. However, the two are often interchangeable to most people. There is a very big difference. Confidence is defined in silence where arrogance is exhibited with noise.

And last but not least, a woman needs to be stimulated mentally just as much as she does physically.

  • Sexy guys tend to be witty and funny. Usually this is a sign of intelligence, but in reality, the ability to lighten the mood or make someone laugh will always be in style. If you are neither, perhaps learning a few magic tricks will be helpful.
  • Sexy guys can engage in various topics of discussion. Look, you need not be a PhD in anything, but you should have a sense of the world at large. This usually comes from reading books, not Facebook or Instagram updates. Have an opinion and do not be afraid to express it. But equally be ready to learn and hear other perspectives.
  • Sexy guys have good intuition. Being able to read body language, energy and other non-verbal ques is very important. Touching without being invited is perky. Also, being drunk is never sexy.


****These are merely the opinions of a few idiots hanging out at the Lodge.
They do not in anyway have scientific proof or validation. ****

Women dress boys, VKNAGRANI dresses Gents

Men and women, as we have come to know, come from two totally different planets. I often think we are actually two separate species. This is never more apparent than in the world of clothing. Women and men approach clothing very differently. The intention, purpose and function of clothing differ greatly between the two genders.
We tend to discourage men bringing their wives or female significant others into the Lodge because women simply do not know how to shop for a man. Women can introduce them to new things, but to actually build a wardrobe for the gent requires a totally different play book. After all, if we left it to men, we would all still be wearing loin cloths.

How women shop

Most women love being “on trend” and “in the know” each and every season. Lord forbids you are caught walking around with last year’s it bags. Shame, shame, shame. As men, we love that you are always on point and we enjoy watching you and your friends keep the economy going. Most women tend to be highly competitive with their peers, often in a very passive aggressive way, but competitive as hell. Women do not ever want their man looking better than them. They can deny it all day long, but the truth is that they do not want their man garnering more attention than them – EVER.

How men shop

Men are basic. Far less complex than our female counterparts, men want everything easy. Having to shop is on par with a two hour dental appointment. It is an excruciating process for men. Men have been spoiled since birth. Mothers start buying their clothes in hopes of making them look “cute” and eventually they delegate the shopping to their significant others. Now, read the paragraph on how women shop. Do you understand where we are coming from? Women do not want you to look better than them yet they want a man who dresses well. And so it goes, “You can’t live with them or without them.”