Lessons In Style From: Paul Newman

When you think about classic Hollywood cool, a few names come to mind—and somewhere at the top of that pantheon of exemplary looking men is Paul Newman. A cut above the rest in both appearance and personality, he was an Academy Award winning actor, director, environmentalist, activist, philanthropist, race car driver, and is even the face of a damn fine line of salad dressing. His company Newman’s Own, actually donates all proceeds to charity, so far having donated nearly 430 million dollars to various charities.

For many in the ‘60s and ‘70s, Newman was the epitome of cool, having starred in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” “Cool Hand Luke” (a movie literally named after his innate coolness), and “The Hustler.” On and off-stage, Paul had an impressive resume, but we’re here to look at his contributions to the world of men’s fashion.

Take a look at what VK Nagrani has to say about Paul’s style and its influence.

1. A Suit That Fits


Not many men could pull off a suit quite like Paul Newman. He knew very intimately how a well tailored suit complemented his form. Notice how in the picture above he goes for a single-breasted jacket with wide padded shoulders that accentuate his athletic build. The slim, squared-off tie completes a look that impresses in the office or dazzles on a night out on the town.

2. Bold Jackets


Paul had a pretty broad selection of unconventional jackets and coats that only added to his own particular brand of anti-establishment cool. He was a racecar driver, so he would often incorporate racer jackets into his look. In the picture above, he’s in his natural habitat: cool and nonchalant, smoking a cigarette and not really looking all that interested, with a flight jacket suggesting he could take off at any moment. Paul also had an extensive collection of army jackets that would throw some new interest into the classic jeans-and-boot ensemble of the time.

3. Wear a Watch. At. All. Times.


For men, the range of jewelry that is typically acceptable is limited almost exclusively to the watch, and at times, cufflinks. A wristwatch is a handsome accessory and can be used to illustrate style, taste and status. Paul had a watch for every occasion, and this is something that we should factor into our daily style as well. From the picture above you can see his informal style, a well-fitted Oxford dress shirt under a deep V-neck pullover, some casual jeans and a wristwatch with a nice leather band accentuating the entire look.

There was something special and raw about Paul Newman. He didn’t have the shattering and unequivocal heat of his contemporary Marlon Brando, nor the unabashed smolder of his junior, James Dean. Rather, Paul Newman was somewhere in the middle, in a world that is ambivalent and uninvolved with what anyone thinks.

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Man Of The Month – Ernie Sadau

Ernie Sadau
Global Citizen

Mr. Sadau is a perfect example of the type of man we cater to.  He is based in Dallas, Texas but on any given day he could be in London, Tokyo, India or Paris.  He is the quintessential 72 hour man.  Given his schedule and his distaste for shopping, Mr. Sadau leaves his wardrobe in the hands of his wonderful wife Roxanne.  The two were recently in New York and Roxanne managed to convince him to come to the Lodge.  For a man who hates shopping, Mr. Sadau and his wife spent hours in the Lodge.  He admitted, after a few whiskies, that he never thought he could spend a day shopping. We now get texts from him across the globe sharing the various compliments he continues to get.


Mr. Sadau wearing the Moto Leather Jacket in black.

1. Hotel of choice in Dallas:
S: Hotel Zaza, The Medusa Suite.
2. Favorite restaurant in Dallas:
S: 18th & Vine.
3. Favorite thing to do in Dallas:
S: Depends on the mood.
4. Favorite bar in Dallas:
S: The Standard Pour.
5. Favorite cocktail:
S: Whatever VK is pouring.
6. What differentiates VKN from anything else you own:
S: There’s nothing that even compares.
7. Favorite VK Nagrani picks:
S: The Moto Leather Jacket, The Branson Suit, and I can keep going on and on but I’ll stop there.


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