Lessons In Style From: Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has been in the spotlight since his Mickey Mouse Club days, and it shows in the way he dresses. When you spend that much time in the public sphere, you learn quite a bit about the way you should hold yourself together, through demeanor and style.

From Disney to N*SYNC to his mega-successful solo music career and Hollywood film roles, Justin Timberlake is someone to learn from. Check out VK Nagrani’s Lessons in Style takeaways to be learned from Justin Timberlake.

1. Learn to Layer


Justin is a mastermind when it comes to layering individual pieces of clothing to compile an ensemble look. One of his older tricks, which has become pretty commonplace at this point in style history, is to match hoodies under a great looking jacket – bombers are really “in” right now. Even if he’s just wearing a pattern sweater with a clean shirt underneath with well-fitted pants, he knows that dressing well is using many tools to build a great look.

2. Integrate a Hat


While incorporating hats into your look is nowhere near a new concept, Justin has mastered the casual yet slightly tailored look, and this shows in his hat choices. JT will use the hat as it is supposed to be used, as an accessory – not the focal point of the outfit. It is integrated into his ensemble, not the centerpiece. Typically, Justin will go for the fedora, but if that’s not your thing you should try playing around with a couple of different styles of hat.

Throw your personality into the mix. Style isn’t possible without personality.

3. Unexpected Elements


Justin has a unique personality, and his look completely reflects that about him. He has a way of creating a look that seems thrown together, yet is not contrived or outlandish. He maintains an effortless look by adding one or two unexpected elements into his style, which keep him from being stale, stuffy or unoriginal. Some of his favorite accessories include adding a pair of sneakers to a well-tailored suit, dog-tag jewelry, hats, or army boots with jeans.

Justin Timberlake is a true American treasure that will be remembered for his vibrant personality, approachability, and overall effortless cool. These features about him, above his personal style, are the keys you need to attain a timeless look. The number one lesson to learn from Justin is to not be afraid to let your personality shine. Justin does it every day, and he used to bang Brittney Spears, so there’s that.

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