One Suit, Three Ways: The Branson Suit

When it comes to dressing, there are a few things that every man should know how to do. He should be able to tie a tie in at least two different ways, he should be able to parse the difference between a blazer and a sport coat, and know when each is appropriate, and he should be able to pull off a good suit. The last one has begun to lose some of its footing as fewer and fewer modern guys are wearing suits on a daily basis. That being said, there’s no excuse for looking schlubby in the exact attire that’s meant to make you look your best.

Wearing a good suit is an art form, and it’s a tradition that we intend to keep alive as long as we’re still kicking. Toward that effort, we’ve put together a guide to wearing our favorite suit, The Branson Suit in three different ways for different occasions. Check it out below.

Look #1: The Business Meeting

The first occasion for wearing your VK Nagrani suit is one of the most common. When you enter a business meeting, you want to have confidence in your appearance, and go through the meeting with the knowledge that you’re “dressed for success.” Depending on your role and the industry you work in, you might be in a position to get a little creative with your suit.

Eschewing the old standards of identical suits from person to person, the modern businessman knows how to set himself apart from the crowd with his suit. If you’re looking to make a strong impression in an important meeting, we recommend the double breasted Branson Suit. The suit is completely unconstructed, but it’s refined, sophisticated, and formal.

Made from 260 gram Dormeuil fabric, the three button roll over suit is lightweight and comfortable to wear, so you won’t feel weighed down or overheat when the pressure is on. The Italian made suit is wrinkle resistant and features a side vented jacket for breathability. You might think a double breasted suit seems a little old-fashioned, but we assure you, this suit is for a thoroughly modern man, complete with a specially designed trouser pocket for your smartphone.

Pair your suit with the VK Nagrani wool tie, a subtle Italian-made tie that isn’t too skinny but won’t generate bulk. The tie is a good accent for your meeting, keeping your look relatively subdued as you’re already going with the double breasted suit. You wouldn’t want to go overboard with a Paisley tie.

Look #2: Going to a Wedding or an Event

When you’re heading to a wedding or social event, you’re going to be mingling with a large audience. For such occasions, one wants to look his very best, especially if his ex is also in attendance. You could really go with either the single or the double breasted Branson Suit for a wedding or party, depending on the setting. Weddings are a great occasion to show off your skills at nailing the accents of your suit. Accented your look with animal cufflinks shows off a keen eye for detail. You can also add a pocket square like the Pashmina pocket square for an exceptionally unique look. If you’re going with both the pocket square and the cufflinks, we might suggest you leave the tie behind so as to not overwhelm the look. A good rule of thumb is to choose two out of the three between cufflinks, a tie, and a pocket square.

Look #3: A Night on the Town

In the words of Brian Kreps, of luxury Houston retailer Dryden Kreps, “It is a suit that is not solely about tailoring and the sartorial expression. It is simply a suit that makes you feel like sexy.” That feeling breeds the kind of confidence and swagger you want to be channeling before you head out at night. They say the suit makes the man, and you’ll be a well-made man if you wear the single breast Branson Suit over a T Shirt or a Henley. The look has a bit more of a laid back feel, and serves as a more casual take on the Branson suit. If you’d prefer to stick to a more traditional button down look, the Captain’s Shirt is always a good bet for a sharp look under your suit jacket.

Adopt one of these looks the next time you have an important meeting, a social event, a night on the town. You’ll thank us, we promise.

My work is about far more than creating clothing and a responsibility to myself, the consumer and the human existence. I do not design clothing, I engineer a wardrobe that offers versatility, function and sophistication. I am more focused on raising the bar and creating a timeless aesthetic. Trends are futile. For those that seek the exquisite, you will truly enjoy my work. After all, it was created with you in mind.​​

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