Lessons In Style From: Steve McQueen

There is no debating it: Steve McQueen is the King of Cool. His style has been a staple in men’s fashion since he first stepped onto the world stage, emulated time and again by men looking to ditch all the bullshit and cut straight to the core of style. In the last four decades, there hasn’t been another person to come along and dramatically impact what men wear as much as Steve McQueen.

But what exactly made him the standard-bearer for men’s clothing? VK Nagrani takes a look at some lessons in style to be learned from Steve McQueen below.

1. The Suit


The suits McQueen sports in “The Thomas Crown Affair” are a perfect showcase of how a well-tailored suit can accentuate a role. He is every part millionaire businessman playboy. The broad cut of the shoulders in the jacket over the signature three-piece with square bottom waistcoat and perfectly dimpled tie. Combine all these things next to that hot car and you have a sophisticated outfit that oozes power.

2. Casual Weekend Wear


In Old Hollywood, there was a certain masculinity that you don’t find anymore. Today’s celebs don’t walk the walk quite the way they used to. Steve McQueen looked like a badass because he was a badass. He was every bit as stylish on screen as he was off of it. In the above picture, you can see that with just the right pair of sunglasses you can turn a plain white tee into a bold—just-got-off-work-at-the-ass-kicking-factory—kind of look.

3. The Canadian Tux


Double denim is notoriously hard to pull off, but with the confidence of a hundred honey badgers, Steve McQueen did it effortlessly. The secret is to use different shades of denim, so try a stonewash shirt and an indigo pair of jeans to create the contrast needed. Add some sturdy leather boots to create a rugged aesthetic that forces you to have to try to not look masculine.

4. Signature


The most important lesson that can be taken away from Steve McQueen is to add your own signature to every look you create. Lightweight jackets are an essential part of the modern man’s ensemble, and you can see why up above. The navy Barracuta Harrington with a matching knit sweater underneath highlights the lining and creates the focal point of the entire look. His real signature was the Persol sunglasses he rocked in nearly every outfit he wore.

In the great Pantheon of Style Gods, Steve McQueen is Zeus. He took a look that has seemingly been around since the beginning of modern clothes and wore them in a way that has yet to be added to in any significant way.

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