How the Military Uniform Influenced Clothing Trends


Military uniforms have influenced mainstream fashion for centuries. It is not American, European or any sort of depiction to a particular people. It is a universal fact. Fashion often gets convoluted into something absurd or time sensitive. Military uniforms are designed to function and offer a rigid, fierce aesthetic. Many soldiers became so accustomed to wearing elements of their uniforms after serving that it began to catch on. Of course, the world view on soldiers after WW2 was reverence.   It would only makes sense that people would embrace the design element that military regalia has to offer.

The History of the Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket had it’s origins in Europe during WW1. During the early 20’s, the US military recognized how important the flight jacket was. However, they felt the European style jackets which were more like car coats were not very functional. They cut the jacket to the hip, added the shearling for warmth and there born perhaps the most recognizable military influenced jacket – the US Airforce’s A-2 fighter pilot jacket.   Remember, pilots often flew planes with open cockpits and therefore needed incredibly warm clothing to battle the sub zero temperatures.

Soon after, the Navy followed suit. The navy used seal skin rather than calf skin to better perform in their environments. With a few adjustments to the A-2, the navy introduced the G-1 flight jacket. It is almost as recognizable as the A-2, but the A-2 remains the king.

The History of Colour in the Military

For many, the concept of camouflage is out of necessity for soldiers on the front line. However, how did they come about? Before 1947, the Army was in control of the Clothing Board from 1917. It was the Army’s ubiquitous green that would influence all branches of the United State’s military.

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