Genting on A Budget

Gentleman (Gentle-man): A man of noble or gentle birth. A man belonging to the landed gentry. A man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior. A man who is oft the envy of his peers and the fantasy of the co-eds.

Now you have the definition of what it means to be a gent, but how do you dress the part without having the Duke of Windsor’s bank account? Let us help you make it easy. Breathe; it is much easier that you think.


Step One:

Keep it simple. Invest in clothing that has multiple uses. Nothing that is obviously noticeable or causes you to draw unwanted attention. You know what I mean, no stupid shirts with palm trees or dumb logos or images of your favourite beer. Clean and simple. Focus on how the garment fits and makes you feel.

Step Two:

Great shoes. For men, this is essential. After a woman first notices you, she looks at your watch and then shoes. If you meet the mark, you will soon find yourself having a banging time. As GQ’s Guide to Shoes reveals, “What’s great about being a man is that you can do perfectly well by sticking with just a few options.” You do not need a ton of styles, keep it simple and elegant. Less is more.

Step Three:

If you are still looking at magazines or celebrities to make wardrobe decisions, you need to pay attention now. Avoid fashion, it is for kids. Start thinking about style. What we like to think is that if I took a picture of myself today would I think I was stylish 20 years from now? You see, style never weans, it is timeless. That light blue tuxedo Jared Leto wore to the Oscars, well that’s just being an asshole. Gents do not make amateur moves. To avoid stupidity, stick with the classics. They are classics for a reason. When we use the word “classic” we mean cool, classic like the white shirt or a great leather jacket.

On that note, always have a lot of great white shirts. Unfortunately, they tend not to last very long, but hey, it is what it is. While it does last, we encourage you to try the VKNAGRANI CAPTAIIN SHIRT. Feels like a t-shirt, wears like a dress shirt and moonlights as a sport shirt. Find me something close to that.

Step Four:

Quality over quantity, always. Quit buying stupid things. Building a stylish wardrobe is like building a car. Each part has to work together to make the car work. Avoid having a closet full of spare parts. Each piece you purchase should be able to be worn in three different environments. Think about that when you purchase something. With that said, aim for quality pieces. Invest in a few great things like a suit, a sport coat, a leather jacket and great shoes. Shirts are also essential. Avoid cheap shirts, they fall apart and they look stupid. Buy quality shirts. The rest becomes negligible.

Step Five:

Make and effort and take care of your clothing. Do not be a schmuck, hang your clothes on real hangers. The metal wire hangers will destroy your clothes. Look, if you shop at department stores, then who cares what hangers you buy, most of the stuff in those stores is garbage. If you are that guy, you just wasted time even reading this; it probably did not even make sense to you.

My work is about far more than creating clothing and a responsibility to myself, the consumer and the human existence. I do not design clothing, I engineer a wardrobe that offers versatility, function and sophistication. I am more focused on raising the bar and creating a timeless aesthetic. Trends are futile. For those that seek the exquisite, you will truly enjoy my work. After all, it was created with you in mind.​​

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