Dressing for the Office: Do’s & Don’ts

They say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you already have. While the adage might be a little hackneyed, the idea behind it remains valid. One of the first things you can do in order to make a good impression in the office is to think carefully about the way you’re dressed. When starting a new position, the way in which you present yourself is often as important as the work you’re doing.

While might not always take it into account, the truth is that people are subconsciously assessing you on the basis of your appearance at all times. In an effort to help out so you don’t make any blunders on the new job, we’ve put together this quick list of the do’s and don’ts of dressing for the office. Check it out below:

Do: Take Cues from Your Interviewer

Don’t: Make Assumptions

If you’re about to take a new position, you might not know the protocol for office dress. The easiest way to pick a good ensemble for your first day is to base it on what your interviewer wore during your interview. If you’re still unsure about it, the best course of action is always to err on the side of caution, with a more formal slant to your attire. You can always dial it back if you’re feeling overdressed by losing the jacket or removing your tie.

Do: Ask HR for Advice

Don’t: Email Your New Boss

Your HR department can be a good resource for finding out the most appropriate work attire. If you have any question about certain items, they’re the ones you should consult rather than shooting an email to your boss.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s Dressing for the Office, “Co-workers can be a good resource. Ms. Schindele asked veteran saleswomen about the proper length of pants and when a blazer should be worn. You also can turn to your human-resources department for guidance. But asking a new boss what you should wear to work can make you look juvenile.”

Do: Wear a Good Pair of Shoes

Don’t: Wear Sneakers

While we’re big supporters of playing up your style with colorful socks, your shoes should be kept relatively understated in the office. You can always accent a nice dark leather shoe with your VK Nagrani socks. And as a rule of thumb, save your sneakers for the gym. No one wants to see those in the office.

Do: Get Your Shirts Pressed

Don’t: Wear a Wrinkled Shirt to Work

It really should go without saying, but we’ve seen an unconscionable number of guys wearing wrinkled shirts to the office. While no one is expecting you to don a highly starched shirt every day of the week, you could stand to have your shirts pressed regularly. Thankfully, VK Nagrani shirts look good without too much maintenance on your part. The go-to Captain’s Shirt is made from ultra-comfortable Swiss cotton to keep your looking good without the need to spend a lot of time working to keep it up. In the words of Tyler Mitchell of luxury department store Wilkes Bashford, “The captain shirt from VK Nagrani is perhaps one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. It is ideal for work and play.”

Do: Pick up a Quality Briefcase

Don’t: Hold onto your Backpack

While we understand the sentiment behind wearing the backpack to work, it’s not exactly striking anyone as overly professional. One of the best ways for you to instantly look better fit for the role you want is to invest in a quality briefcase that looks at once highly professional but with a contemporary edge. Like our clothes, the modern man should always be conscious of the traditions of the past but willing to embrace changes in the modern style landscape.

Stick to these simple Do’s, avoid all the Don’ts, and you’ll be the best dressed guy in the office in no time!


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