Dressing for the Holidays: Your Guide to Christmas Attire

It’s December, and that means the next few weeks are going to be jam packed with holiday festivities. Everyone under the sun is going to be hosting an office Christmas party, follow that up with gatherings with the family and meetings with friends. There are countless occasions where you’ll need to look your finest and the easiest way to do that is to trust your sartorially gifted friends here at VK Nagrani.

If you’re in search of a guide to Christmas attire, look no further. Check out the best clothes to wear for every holiday occasion below:

The Office Holiday Party

Often the first event to kick off the holiday season for many of us, the alternately loved and loathed annual office holiday party can be an occasion for bonding with your coworkers or making a fool of oneself by drinking a little too much of the eggnog. For those of us that prefer to stay in the former category, it’s best if you know how to dress the part as well.

The office party is an occasion that calls for a little extra effort in the way that you present yourself to you coworkers than you would on the average work day. Show some of your festivity with a seasonal holiday accent that shows you have a fun side. You don’t need to go overboard by donning a full Santa costume, but a little something like a pair of festive red or green VK Nagrani socks can be a nice touch. As an added bonus, you’ll match the office décor if anyone decided to decorate.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, most of us tend to host a festive dinner with friends and family. While in many European cultures, it’s customary to open gifts on Christmas Eve, we tend to spend the night drinking and eating and playing Santa. It’s a time to celebrate, and relax in good company, so your attire should reflect that. A good piece to wear would be the Type X Jacket. It’s warm and comfortable but looks sharp and flattering with a close attention to detailing. Order it in navy for a deep look that pairs well with a pair of chinos.

Christmas Morning

Ah Christmas morning, the most exciting morning of the year for children, and probably one of the most exhausting for their parents. Nevertheless, it’s a great occasion to bond with the family and relax after a month of build up to this moment. If you want to be comfortable all morning long, try our VK Nagrani men’s sleepwear. A customer favorite is our PJ302 Men’s Pajama Set with long sleeves. Made from 100% pure Peruvian Pima cotton, it’s the most comfortable pajamas on the market. They’re available in a dark green if you want your Christmas morning pajamas to be extra festive.

Dinner with the Relatives

The holiday season entails a formidable number of obligatory visits to see the relatives. Even if you feel like you just saw them at Thanksgiving (you did), you still have to make the trek to see everyone again at Christmas. Of course the attire of your visits are going to vary depending on where you live. Fingers crossed that its Florida and not upstate New York. But if you do get stuck out and about in the cold, opt for the Liverpool Coat for a refined, modern take on the men’s trench coat. It has a slim fit, its water and wrinkle resistant, and it’s made in Italy. What more could you ask for?

This Christmas season, you’ll be the best dressed guy in the room if you’re dressed in VK Nagrani. Follow this style guide and it’ll be easy!

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