Be Stylish without Breaking the Bank

Gents, there is no need to break the bank in order to curate a stylish, comprehensive wardrobe. Style is about being authentic. Far too many men think that great style comes with a great price tag. For years, Madison Avenue has led you to believe that buying designer labels gives you a sense of self-worth. And then you have commissioned driven sales people who are more focused on enlarging their checks rather than enhancing your life.
So, stop looking to magazines for guidance. Remember, magazines only talk about things that are being advertised. Do you really need a label to make you more of a man? Come on now. Let us give you a cheat sheet to get you on your way.

  1.  Go to a vintage store and find some old Levi’s that were made in the USA. Before they farmed out their production to every corner of the globe, Levi’s that were made in the USA were superior to any lame label driven product. Jeans are rebellious, working class wear so why try and fancy them up? Style is about authenticity, especially when it comes to denim. Once you get your vintage jeans, go to a great tailor and have them shaped to your body.
    Cost of average pair of vintage jeans: $30.00
    Cost of a good tailor to reshape and patch up your jeans: $100.00
    Now, for $130.00, you have a pair of one of a kind, truly original, authentic pair of jeans. Can you imagine James Dean in a pair of over stitched, over sized pocket jeans?
  2. Get a great leather jacket. Here is where you want to invest some serious coin. Buy a leather jacket that makes you feel like you can kick Chuck Norris’ ass. Own it, live it and pair them with your bespoke denim and you now rule the world. Go to and find that piece or visit a vintage store. If you really want the exquisite, come visit VKNAGRANI and get the hand made leather moto jacket. Your great, great grandkid will think it is the coolest ever.
  3.  We live in a different world these days. Boundaries are blurred and this allows us to mix and match tailored clothing with sportswear or athletic wear. Joggers with a soft coat, tailored suits with a t-shirt and sneakers. It works so long as the pieces are correct. Your daddy’s old suit jacket ain’t cutting it with your rock star jeans. The goal is to find clothing that can work together.


Here are a few options:

  • Vintage jeans, tailored soft coat, crisp white button down shirt and a pair of sneakers. Switch the shirt for a vee neck t-shirt and you have a totally different look. Or add a tie with the dress shirt and switch the sneakers with a cool pair of leather loafers and you have a totally different look.
    Vintage jeans: $130.00 (with tailoring)
    Tailored sport coat: $995 (VKNAGRANI AVIATOR)
    White Shirt: $325 (VKNAGRANI CAPTAIN SHIRT)
    Vee Neck: $40 (VKNAGRANI)
    Sneakers: $50 (KSWISS, PUMA, TIGER, ADDIDAS)
    Leather loafers: 275 (MAGANANI)
    Solid colour tie: $175 (VKNAGRANI)
    7 PIECES YIELDS MULTIPLE LOOKS. Mix and match and you still look like a million bucks.
  •  An unconstructed, well fitted suit can easily be used with all the pieces above. Obviously, the shirt and tie, or the vee neck with your suit and sneakers. Understand, the suit has to be sporty, not some stuffy suit you find in most stores. It has to have a relaxed, cool vibe and fit like a pimp. You feel us?

Style Leads the Way: Time to Get the Basics Right


You want to be taken seriously in every aspect of your life – at the office, at the gym and out for a night on the town, but when you look at your wardrobe is it a little, say outdated? Sure, that suit jacket your mom bought you when you graduated from college is still in great condition, but in order to rise high, it is time to take your wardrobe and style a little more seriously.

Alex Cayley tells us in Esquire’s The Style Rules that “Most people, most of the time, judge you by what you’re wearing, and if you care about what people think, you should care about what you wear. Life doesn’t get much simpler than that.” Dressing well is also a show of respect.

Don’t know where to start? That’s an easy fix. Start with the basics. If you get the basics right, you will ace the whole package.



When purchasing the basics, start with the very most basic piece: your underwear choice. Comfort and fit are the keys to choosing the right underwear, regardless of whether you prefer the brief, the boxer brief, or the boxer.

Simon Chan, the Senior Men’s Buyer for Mario’s in Portland, Oregon, explains why he prefers VK Nagrani underwear. “For me, your underwear is a game changer. The fact that you personally pay attention to the waistband (whether it’s too tight or too loose), the paneling in the seat and fork, to the length of the boxer brief to ensure it doesn’t ride up and bunch up into the ballroom and finding the perfect balance/blend of pima cotton and elastin to create the softness and comfort you feel or don’t feel because it seems like its craft to be a part of you. That is special, period.”


Shirts – Tees

The shirt you choose is the most important part of your look. The trick here is to use the basics with other bolder clothing choices to achieve many different looks. When choosing your perfect shirt, it is important to remember the fit. If it is too loose, you will instantly look sloppy, but too tight will leave you looking like you stole your little brother’s outfit.

When looking for shirts, the goal is timeless and classic. The perfect shirt is one that can be matched with a jacket to create a seamless look for both work and play.

A basic closet should include a handful of polo shirts, 4-5 button-down shirts in classic colors and a week’s worth of crisp crew or vee neck tee shirts.



The Perfect Suit

Every man’s wardrobe should contain a suit. Regardless of your office attire, at some point during the year you will inevitably attend a function that requires a suit. Just throwing a suit in your closet doesn’t quite cut it, either. This needs to be a well-tailored suit that is versatile from funeral to impressive business dinner.

“If you need only one suit, buy a classic navy or gray single-breasted suit. Ask your salesperson for a classic cut that won’t go out of style. That way you’ll only need to change your shirt and tie to keep your look fresh and up-to-date,” says Chris Rovny of in Men’s Fashion Must-Haves.


The Right Jeans

The right pair of jeans is essential to your basic wardrobe. Men wear jeans more than they wear any other type of pants, being that jeans can be dressed up or down, depending on where you are planning to wear them.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing the right jeans. The first is fit: are you a loose fit, a classic fit or a skinny jeans type of person. Although it will depend on what you feel is most comfortable, any of these styles work for any body type.

The next thing to consider is color. While both light and dark jeans work, darker jeans are the best bet for a staple closet as they are more versatile and easier to dress up. Ideally, you should have one of each color, but if you are only able to choose one – go dark!

Lastly, always go with a classic jeans look, avoiding the trendy can-go-in-and-out-of-style-any-minute look. This keeps your closet up-to-date longer and ensures that you are perfectly dressed every time you put your pair of jeans on.

Overall, when choosing the basic items for your clothing, the goal is to keep your choices simple, timeless and elegant. Your look is your first impression. You always want to make sure you look your best.  If you ask VK, he hates designer denim.  Denim is about the rebel, the working man.  For VK, vintage Levi’s 501’s from a vintage store and then off to the tailor to be re-shaped.

“There are people that like clothing but rare are those that understand the art of making beautiful clothes that function to enhance the consumer’s lifestyle. VK Nagrani offers a concise, efficient and sophisticated point of view to men’s clothing. His approach to creating distinct, innovative and timeless pieces offer a man both style and comfort without sacrificing elegance,” says Tim Pait of Oak Hall in Memphis, TN.

Men’s Jackets – More Than a Stylish Statement


Before you purchase a jacket or suit, do some research. What type of jacket are you looking for, where will you be wearing it most of the time and does it need to work in business settings, casual settings, or both. “Suits should be seen as investment pieces,” says Michael Fisher, at Stylesight. “Just as men would do research before buying a new car, they should pay attention to the details of a suit, because it will be hanging in their closet for a while.”  The one thing we absolutely hate is the suit jacket and jean combo.  Guys that think this is cool need to be back hand slapped.
Spoiler alert: You look like you left your pants at the strip club.


The Options


There are lots of options out there, but let’s cover a few here. You might be looking for a lighter weight blazer like the Aviator, or a jacket that looks like the classic denim jacket but has been upgraded to fine black Italian leather like the Country Jacket. Maybe you love pea coats, but don’t want all that bulk – check out the Liverpool Coat or Milano jacket, which has all the shape of a pea coat, but you’ll love the trimmer profile made in a water and wrinkle resistant stretch cotton. There’s more too. And if you are just looking for something to throw on in the cool morning air before you hit the park for a game with the guys, choose the Type X.


Once you decide on the style you want, check out the options for jackets with something special added in, like a pocket specifically for your cell phone or with ventillation built into the design.


Now you have decided on the jacket you want, what next?


The Fit


You can’t get away from it; your jacket needs to fit well. You should be able to move comfortably, but there should not be any excess fabric in the fit. Men’s Health describes it well, “Align your jacket. Even a casual jacket’s shoulders should sit squarely on top of yours. If the seam hits your bicep, the fit is too big. Likewise, the bottom of the jacket shouldn’t pass too far beyond your waistband.”


In other areas, the fit should be comfortable but well fitted. If you are stretching the fabric when you button the jacket, it is too small, or you may just need a different cut. To guarantee a good fit, make sure you try the jacket with the type of shirt you will be wearing with that jacket and any other clothing items that will go beneath. The Cotton Jersey Aviator offers cotton stretch and tailored fit.


OK, now you have found the perfect jacket and fit, you have taken it home and you love it …what do you need to know to make sure your jacket lasts a long time?


Tips for Wearing Your Jackets


To start with, here’s a couple of good tips from, “Always unfasten your jacket buttons when you sit. No exceptions.” And another about wearing a tie with your jackets, “Does it run button to buckle? For formal events, it should cover your collar button and most of your pants buckle or button. Second, does it match your lapel? Choose a narrow tie for a narrow lapel and a thick tie for a thick lapel. The finishing touch: Just below the knot, press a finger in the middle of the tie while pinching inward from the sides to add a stylish dimple.”


When you remove your jacket, if you can hang it up, use wide wooden hangers whenever possible. If you are not able to hang up the jacket, turn the body of the jacket inside-out and line up the shoulder seams, one inside the other. Smooth the fabric and fold in half above the waistline – or don’t fold and drape it over a chair. This allows support for the shape of the jacket as well as for the fabric to breathe and release any odors.


Use a garment brush to remove lint and hair, and to refresh the fabric of your jacket. If tragedy strikes and there’s a big spill, get it dry cleaned within 48 hours. Other than that, get it dry-cleaned occasionally. Always have it cleaned and steamed, never pressed.

When you decide on the type of jacket you want to buy, start looking at who makes it and how they make it. Check out what others have to say about the quality of workmanship, and fabric and then you will be ready to make that purchase.


And while you’re at it, listen to what Tim Pait at Oak Hall has to say about us, “There are people that like clothing but rare are those that understand the art of making beautiful clothes that function to enhance the consumer’s lifestyle. VK Nagrani offers a concise, efficient and sophisticated point of view to men’s clothing…VK Nagrani has redefined the modern man’s look. Vivek’s approach to creating distinct, innovative and timeless pieces offers a man both style and comfort without sacrificing elegance.“



Men’s Style: Top Tips for Spring


With the cold air moving out and the warm air blowing in, that could only mean one thing: Spring has finally arrived. Although the official first day of spring is still a little more than a month away, you don’t need to wait that long to start building your perfect spring wardrobe.
A good place to start preparing your spring wardrobe is selecting garments that you can use in any occasion. When selecting the third piece, the goal should be to get a good mix of both dressy and casual and mix and match them with different pants to create multiple looks.
The key to finding the perfect third piece for any season is really about the fit. An ill-fitting third piece can ruin any outfit by making you look sloppy or over-weight. If you choose the right piece for your body style, you can’t go wrong.

The Captains Shirt
What better way to start building your collection than by adding the ever-versatile Captains Shirt from VK Nagrani? This shirt boasts Swiss cotton fabric that stretches and moves with your body.
Keith Carlisle, the Men’s Divisional Merchandise Manager at Stanley Korshak, explains that he “loves showing and selling the Captains Shirt. Any color, doesn’t matter. They are soft, comfortable and tailored to have that trim but not TOO trim fit. Most clients buy all colors after trying one. Personal preference is the long sleeve, but the short sleeves are an easy sell in the summer. We never have to take a markdown on these either. They are good sellers all year.”
Available in a variety of colors, a popular choice for spring would be the Lavender. Not only is lavender known to be a popular spring color, it is also being showcased as one of the men’s colors of the season for spring with Pantone.

The Gingham Shirt
Another classic style by VK Nagrani this spring is the Gingham shirt. This spring favorite can be dressed up or dressed down.
The big draw to the Gingham style is it is a style that everyone can enjoy. It is not overly preppy, not too dressy and with the different colors and slight style variations, every man can pull off wearing this style.
And despite what you may have thought earlier, Gingham is not going away any time soon, so buy multiple styles and colors and enjoy how fabulous this style truly is.

The Double-Breasted Suit
Making its way back into our hearts and our closets is the double-breasted suit. This classic jacket is back with a twist, and turning heads in the process. No longer is it only for the classiest affairs. This suit can now be dressed down with jeans and sneakers and worn with or without a tie.
A well-tailored and custom fit double-breasted suit like the Branson Suit by VK Nagrani can add a special element to your basic wardrobe.
Although you can style it down, this suit is also ultra-classy when dressed up. It has become a very versatile addition to any closet.

The Perfect Polo Shirt
Nothing screams spring like the many colors of the classic polo shirt. This timeless classic is a staple in every wardrobe and is not going away any time soon.
Available in black, blue, grey, navy, pink, red, white, yellow and lavender, the Polo Classico by VK Nagrani gives not only the perfect fit, but the perfect option for a casual day out.
The Standard Tee Shirt
More than any other shirt in any man’s drawer is the classic, cotton tee shirt. Whether you prefer the crew neck shirt or the V-neck, we know you have a plethora hidden in your chest of drawers. Spring is the perfect time to clean out the old, over-washed, no-longer-classic-fitting tee shirt. It’s time to start fresh with a new batch of tees to get you through the spring and summer.
Although white and grey are the most common colors for tee shirts, we suggest choosing multiple colors as stand-alone pieces, not just for layering. They are the perfect casual shirt for a relaxing day at home or an informal backyard BBQ.
While these are the four main types of shirts that will really vamp up your spring wardrobe, one thing to remember is that spring is full of life and fun. Your clothes should match that sentiment. Basic colors are good staples in every wardrobe, but popular, seasonal colors can really make you stand out.
Pantone tells us “For Spring 2015, the men’s palette takes a surprising turn, deviating from the women’s palette more than we have seen in recent seasons.”
Colors this season focus on Dusk Blue, Glacier Grey, Treetop, Classic Blue, Toasted Almond, Woodbine, Sandstone, Titanium, Lavender Herb and, of course, Marsala, the color of the year.

Men’s Double Breast Suit – The Elegant Alternative

VKNagrani LB_646In the recent shift toward more casual menswear attire, it is getting harder and harder to find a quality double-breasted suit. Regardless of the not-so-readily availability, the six-button jackets are a true fashion statement to those who wear them.

Popular from the 20’s through the 40’s without resurgence in the 80’s, these suits were most likely to be worn during formal engagements. In today’s modern fashion world, the double-breasted suit is just as easily dressed down as it is dressed up. Double breasts suits lost popularity during WW2 because wool was rationed for uniforms.

How to Wear the Double-Breasted Suit: The Fit

The single most important thing about wearing the double-breasted suit is how it fits. Part of the charm of this type of jacket is that it is suitable for all shapes and sizes, as long as it fits properly. If you choose any item in your wardrobe to have custom tailored, this suit should be it! If it doesn’t fit right it loses its style and you will most likely end up with a sloppy look, instead of a well-put-together fashion statement.

Tony Kim from The Man in Charge in Esquire tells us “If you’re a member of the one-size-up, I-like-my-jacket-roomy club, the DB suit is not for you. The jacket should hug your sides, the sleeves should be cut slim, and the shoulders should have as little padding as possible. The close fit you get with most of today’s double-breasted suits is essential for pulling it off.” This suit is a show stopper and you want to make the correct statement every time you wear it.

Dress it Up

Because these suits are such a timeless piece from by gone era, it is very easy to dress them up. One popular solution to dressing up the double-breasted suit is to pair it with your favorite set of cuff links. Coming in all shapes, sizes and materials, cuff links add personal style and sophistication to this ever-classic look.

For a powerful cuff link, VK Nagrani offers a variety of animal cufflinks that flaunt strength and spirit () and are the perfect complement to the double-breasted suit.

Beyond the cufflinks, you could also add a Pashmina Pocket Square for an elegant look. Hand painted and hand embroidered, these pocket squares will surely dress up your suit with the look for luxury.

You can, however, skip the top hat. While popular during its first era, the double-breasted suit no longer needs to look like you are trying to step back in time. It should showcase today’s fashion with a hint of former nostalgia.

Dress it Down

Bringing the style back in today’s modern era is not without a style change. In your grandfather’s day, this was a one-way suit. You wore it correctly and there was no further discussion. In today’s day and age, anything goes – including dressing down the double-breasted suit.

Designer Todd Snyder tells Men’s Journal “When dressing down a suit, never change more than two elements of the look. For instance, you can swap out the pants for some dark jeans and lose the tie, but keep the leather dress shoes. Or if you want to wear sneakers with dark jeans under your suit jacket, keep the tie in place to balance out the casualness of the rest of the look.”

When keeping the tie, consider pairing the suit with VK Nagrani’s wool tie for a casual, yet stylish look.

It is important to remember what event you are attending when you choose to dress down the double-breasted suit. Events like weddings are not appropriate for the jeans and sneakers style, and you may be over-dressed if you showed up to your best friend’s house party with cufflinks and a pocket square.

Despite being back in style, these suits are not sold in every store in America. Mainly high-end designers, like VK Nagrani, push this look everyday. If you are going to invest in one, you want to do it right.

“To best describe the VK Nagrani brand, I would have to say it is a modern version of brands of yesteryear. You are not just buying a garment, but you are buying the vision and a piece of Vivek’s soul. If he himself does not love the piece, you will never see it go into production. To understand his thinking, you would have to understand how things were done before everything became so commoditized. He has a genuine responsibility to the customer. This is evident by the quality of the piece goods, the way pieces fit and how they are made. Once exposed to his collection, a customer becomes a lifelong fan. Like the man himself, his clothes is not going to make you look twice. You have to look past the exterior. The fabric, fit and construction all harp back to an era of artisan luxury. The ferment is only understood once you put it on your body,” says Richard Bauman, buyer and manager of the luxury retailer The Boyds.


Getting Dressed for the Occasion: Choosing Between a Polo or a V-Neck

Upon first glance at the title of this article you may be thinking “Polo versus v-neck, that doesn’t really make sense. It’s like asking whether you should be wearing shoes or a hat.” Although polos and v-necks are more similar than shoes or a hat, it seems counterintuitive that you’d be choosing between those two rather than choosing between, say, a v-neck versus a crew or a polo versus a button up. Although they seem like they’re in different categories, especially since you can wear them together, they are actually quite similar, and they may be worn in similar ways.


The Similarities


It’s always important to have a few “fun, creative, and colorful polo shirts” as Chris Mitchell from Mitchell’s called them, as well as a few of our v-necks. It’s just common sense versatility. In both instances, you’re going to be cool in hot weather because they both tend to be short sleeved. Face it, these aren’t cold weather shirts (not alone, at least, but we’ll get to that). They both also show off your chest, if left without an undershirt of their own. And let’s not forget that neither is really fussy when it comes to how to wash, dry, and not have to iron them. But with all their similarities, they’re both completely different beasts for completely different purposes.




Polo shirts are still usually pigeonholed along with yacht clubs and tennis courts and soft courses but for somewhat good reason: people wear polos to look a bit classy without having to wear a full on suit, though it can be worn under a jacket. They also have a tendency to have bright, vibrant colors, which don’t look edgy. They look inviting, warm, and upscale.


Even though they have the tendency to be mentally relegated to certain venues, polos are versatile and highly adaptable, so long as you have the right colors. They go with tons of styles of pants, probably more than the v-neck, and nearly any kind of shoe. Do you want to wear chinos or slacks with them? Go ahead. Sandals or tennis shoes? Why not? If you’ve got something for the spring or summertime, then you’ve got an outfit that goes well with a polo.




While polo shirts are summery and warm, but a bit like the suit of casual wear, the v-neck is a lot more casual. It’s a bit more edgy, a bit more rock and roll (to use a cliché). A flat gray v-neck should find its way into every man’s casual day lineup. A v-neck is a fashionable anti-fashion statement. Unlike a polo, which says quite a bit about the person wearing it, the v-neck doesn’t particularly say anything about you as a man nor are you looking for it to. It just is. It’s almost an existential, philosophical discussion by itself.


V-necks are just as adaptable as polos, just in a different arena. They’ll fit well with jeans and boots in a way that a polo simply can’t. But if you want to wear something a little bit nicer with it, you certainly can. A v-neck t-shirt isn’t just versatile when it comes to what you’re wearing, but it won’t make you stand out like a sore thumb in any crowd, (although a well-fitted v-neck will make you stand out in a good way). It’s infiltrated mainstream hip-hop culture, hipster culture, and you can even walk into the polo’s dominion and fit right in.


As Undershirts


As mentioned before, both can be used to great effect as undershirts and both are incredibly useful when utilized correctly. Both can also move into your fall or winter wardrobe with a few layers.


The polo gains a bit more versatility when used as an undershirt, going well with both a suit jacket and a more outdoorsy style. The hardest part, as far as winter and fall style goes, is to pick the right colors to compliment each other but, barring that, you’ve got yourself a much more open wardrobe using the materials you’ve already got available.

The v-neck can be used much more for straight up utility and be totally invisible, even under a polo itself. Again, a v-neck shirt is a necessity in any man’s wardrobe for one reason: sweat. Even if you don’t like the look of the visible v-neck, wear it under your polo or a button up shirt, especially if it’s strategically unbuttoned at the top, and you’ll avoid unsightly sweat stains under your armpits.


Even outside of the utility of the v-neck, there are plenty of times where it can be worn for great effect under other articles of clothing including suit jackets, unbuttoned button up shirts, more edgy jackets (like leather), and pretty much anything else you may want to use as a layer. A v-neck is essentially a blank canvas for you to put whatever you want over.


Whatever time of year, it’s ripe for a v-neck or a polo. Choosing which style to go with is a very personal choice about how you want to be seen as a man. Both (especially accessorized and matched with other clothes) can say as much or as little as you need them to.

Fill the Styling Gap


Have you ever been stuck in that fashion-limbo where you feel like you just need one more piece to pull the whole look together but you can’t decide what you are missing? You have the perfect-fitting top, pants that complete the look you are going for, either casual or dressy, and the correct shoe for your look.

What could possibly make this whole outfit come together? Usually it is something quite simple – the perfect accessory.

When thinking about the perfect accessory, you need to think outside of the standard jewelry or sock style and think about what would complete your picture. Maybe that accessory that you are looking for is something as big as a jacket.

A jacket can add a whole new perspective on your almost-perfect outfit. It can enhance your look without changing its style. On the contrary, if you need the style you are going for to be a little more pronounced, the correct jacket can bridge the gap between awkwardness and perfection. The jacket, or third piece will refine your outfit.

“Keep the thick winter coat for when you really need it, but add blazers and sports jackets to the fall and spring wardrobe. Throwing a casual jacket on over even just a T-shirt and jeans instantly upgrades the look,” says Antonio from The Art of Manliness. There are a few different styles of jackets that can pull things together for you, using the styles from VK Nagrani.

The Aviator Jacket

This ultra-light-weight jacket boasts breathable cotton that will make any man want to make this a permanent part of his wardrobe. It is multi-functional and can be dressed up or down, depending on what it is paired with.

The Milano Coat

A light-weight modern version of the popular rain coat, this jacket is versatile and popular. This style is wrinkle and water resistant, making it the perfect jacket for travel. Without having to worry about getting wrinkled on the plane, it is the ideal jacket to pair with jeans or slacks while away on business.

WiseGeek explains that “A person wearing a jacket that resists water might be out in a brief rainstorm without having the rain soak through to interior clothing. The great advantage of this type of material can be that even though the weave is tight, it still offers breathability. When people expect contact with water to be minimal, using water-resistant items may be a good choice.”

Therefore, if you are going to a particularly rainy climate, you can rest assured this is the perfect jacket to keep you dry as you head from the cab into your business meeting or to the swanky new restaurant everyone has been raving about.

Unlike the popular naval pea coat, this coat is not intended to be heavy or used as a winter coat.

Moto Leather Jacket

Available in three colors, black, brown, or charcoal grey and limited to 45 pieces made by hand, the Moto Leather Jacket is not your typical everyday leather jacket. No matter what you pair with this beauty, this jacket will transform your outfit into something spectacular. Not only will it tie your outfit together, it will last you a few lifetime. These jackets have been around forever and have never gone out of style. They are truly an investment into your fashion future.

“A good leather jacket (and it does have to be a good one) will last for decades. Properly treated, it will outlive you. Remember, we still have the leather clothes that Roman soldiers wore in museums today, intact thousands of years after they were first cut. Leather’s big advantage over cloth is that it’s not woven. It’s a solid mat of fibers all pressed together. There’s nothing to unravel, even if the surface suffers a pretty deep cut or scrape. The damage will stay there, but it won’t widen and destroy the whole garment like is the case with other materials,” says Antonio in How to Wear a Leather Jacket with Style.

Leather once represented a “tough guy” era because of the durability of the material. This is one reason why they are popular motorcycle-riding jackets, as they can withstand the elements and still look as good as new!

The Type X Jacket

Heavier than a cardigan but not heavy enough to be a bomber, this jacket is the perfect go-to casual jacket for ever-changing spring and summer weather. This piece pulls together your outfit, but is flexible enough to not change your style, so it can be taken on and off as the day goes on.

As a perfect alternative to a hoodie, this coat still gives you enough style to be able to wear out without looking overly casual.

A jacket is so much more than just something to throw on because it is cold or raining outside. It is a fashion staple in every closet and should be mixed and matched in the same way your other basics are to complete your everyday look.

Styling Tips for the Man Who Means Business

Men’s style has come a long way in the last few decades – thank goodness! Back in the day, it seemed like all businessman had the same wardrobe. It’s exciting to see more men taking the opportunity to add some high fashion flair to their business attire these days. Not only does this make the man more attractive, it helps him to stand out. And, in the world of business, standing out can be imperative to success.

There is a fine line, however, between incorporating a bit of fashionable flair to your wardrobe and going overboard and becoming a fashion victim. No one wants to go down that road, especially in the business world. It’s important to think about the image you want to convey when considering what to wear for your job. What is your job description? Do you need to be dressed to the 9s on a daily basis, or can you incorporate some casual pieces into your work wardrobe?

To help you find the best fashion pieces for your job and career, we’ve compiled the following list of business fashion tips. Follow these tips, and you’ll discover a classy, stylish, modern, and sophisticated man in the mirror who is ready for business.


  1. The Perfect Suit for the Office – Think back to some famous suits in popular culture – the suits of the Rat Pack, Cary Grant, and James Bond. Whether they were wearing dinner suits, work suits, or tuxedos, those men knew how to wear a suit with style. You can emanate them by finding a suit that combines the classy sophistication of yesteryear but adds a modern twist. The goal is to find a suit that isn’t your dad’s suit but doesn’t make you look like an over the top fashion victim.


At VKNAGRANI, we know the suit you wear is going to say a lot about who you are, how you work, and your mission in the world. Our single breast Branson suit will put you in the same category as fashion icons from the past with its class, yet it also tells everyone that you’re definitely in the 21st century. This is a great option if you do a lot of traveling for work because it’s wrinkle resistant, plus it comes in a number of colors so you can look dapper every day of the work week. Richard Bauman, the buyer and manager of Boyds Philadelphia, sums it up well: “To best describe the VKNAGRANI brand, I would have to say it is a modern version of brands of yesteryear.”


  1. Add Some Flair with Colored Shirts – For years, the business shirt was plain and white. More men are finding success and feeling stylish by adding more color to their wardrobe. A colored shirt can give you a pop that will make those around you sit up and take notice.


If you want to take things up a notch, you can add a gingham shirt to your work wardrobe. Adding gingham will give your outfit a young and modern feel. It’s a definite fashion statement that will make people take notice. Add a solid tie, and your look will be complete.


  1. It’s All in the Details – When men shop for work attire, they often focus simply on the suit, shirt, and perhaps the tie. Those are just the basics, though. Most often, making a fashion statement has to do with the details. Do you wear glasses? If so, why get a basic frame? The glasses you choose can have a huge bearing on your whole ensemble. Currently in vogue is the sturdy tortoise frame. There is a variety of colors and shapes to choose from. Find one that works best with the shape of your face. For example, if your face is on the round side, choose a pair of square glasses. They’ll downplay the roundness and give you a more angular appearance.


In addition to glasses, another important detail is the ever humble pocket square. A colorful pocket square is a simple way to give a basic black suit some panache.

Whatever business you’re in, you’ll want to dress appropriately. Keep in mind, though, that dressing appropriately doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste, style, or your personality. In fact, adding these elements into your work wardrobe will set you apart from the pack. Your colleagues, bosses, and clients will be intrigued by the man in front of them who oozes confidence and success. It may just seem like you’re putting on a suit, tie, socks, and shoes. However, you can incorporate high fashion style and sophistication within each of those pieces to end up with an outfit that shows the world you’re ready for business and success.

Expressing Your Personality: Mid or Over the Calf Socks

The Power Sock


Because they are usually hidden under a nice pair of slacks or jeans, socks are sometimes something of an afterthought when it comes to fashion. Fortunately, times are changing and bold, interesting socks are becoming a man’s statement piece. According to Romualdo’s Trevor Furbay, a long time retailer of VK Nagrani socks, “it all started with a few guys collecting fun socks” and now it seems that all kinds of men “are spicing up their looks.”


The bold look of an interesting pair of socks with an otherwise normal outfit cannot be understated. They add a huge sense of your personality to your suit, letting you stand out from anyone else in the room with just a peek under your pant cuff. The great thing is that there are almost no rules when it comes to your bold sock fashion choices. Almost.


When you are coordinating your socks, it is important to make sure that the dressiness of the sock is consistent with the dressiness of the outfit. You don’t want to be at the gym in argyle dress socks or at a meeting with the board of directors wearing athletic socks.


A note about color matching: if you’re going to match your socks to a piece of your clothing, make sure it’s anything but your shoes (unless, of course, your shoes match your pants). Matching your socks to your shoes sometimes has a tendency to make it seem like you have a boot on, which simply looks awkward whereas matching your socks to your tie or coat makes your outfit look like some deliberate planning has been done. Match your socks to your mood. Overly coordinated looks are for children.




There is a wealth of materials and material combinations that your socks can be made of, and each one of them has different advantages and disadvantages. Paying attention to these differences is imperative if you’re trying to coordinate your socks to your activities, instead of just slipping some on haphazardly.




Wool socks are usually very high quality but fairly bulky. They’re extremely durable and moisture absorbent, and they also insulate the feet so that they are cool in the summertime and warm in the wintertime. They’re not necessarily going to be the quality you want for your boardroom meeting. Rather, they’ll be the ones to call on if you find yourself wanting to go on a hike.




Cotton is the general go-to material for socks. They’re durable, inexpensive, and not fussy when it comes to maintenance, and reasonably insulating. These are the perfect socks to go to in most situations and for most reasons, which is good because you’ll find that most of the socks you take a look at are made, at least partially, from cotton.




Cashmere socks are going to be some of the most luxurious socks you can get. Because of how they have to be made and how the material has to be harvested, the socks can get a little pricey. But, once you put them on, you’ll understand exactly why people put so much time and effort into making cashmere clothing. For the most part, cashmere is going to be the warmest and softest material you’ll be able to get for socks. If you’re able to, make sure that the socks are also made with another material for extra durability. And if you happen to buy some cashmere socks, make sure to follow the washing instructions perfectly. The material is as finicky with washing as it is luxurious.




Buying a pair of socks that fit can be somewhat daunting, especially if you’re just diving into the world of caring about your socks. You don’t want the heel of your sock sticking embarrassingly out of the back of your shoe because the foot length is too big, but you also don’t want the calf to be too tight and cut off your circulation or, in the case of mid-calf socks, start rolling down midway through the day.

There is a bad side and a good side to getting a perfectly fit sock. First, the bad side: like shoe manufacturers, it seems that many sock manufacturers have different sizes for different feet, so it’s best to ask how to figure it out for your personal foot size. VK Nagrani has an advantage in this area since the socks are made in house, and we know the sizes well.

Now the good news: oftentimes, when you’re buying a high-quality sock, you’ll find that the fabric adjusts to you over time, just like a fitted and tailored pair of jeans. So, even if they start a little off, you’ll find that the sock begins to fit snug and conforms and, in the end, feels even better than it did when you bought it.

Designer Underwear for Men Decoded

Why Designer?

People often ask what the advantages are to buying designer underwear as opposed to buying the simplest, cheapest ones. After all, the underwear is going inside of your tailored, pressed suit pants. This may seem like a fair point at first, but once the statement is examined, it immediately falls apart like a pair of $3 for 3 boxers. When you’re looking for clothing, you’re looking for the VK Nagrani style of “creating distinct, innovative, and timeless pieces” that offer “a man both style and comfort without sacrificing elegance” as Tim Pait put it.

It should be more accurate to think about underwear as an extension of what you’re wearing. That is to say, that they are what you’re presenting to the world and a part of what you want to be seen as. Again, that brings us back to the assertion that underwear just hangs out between you and your pants, so what does it matter?

That question has a two-part answer:

One, it’s not about how you look on the outside; it’s about how you present yourself during those times when (usually) no one would be around. If you’re in the most top of the line $10,000 suit during the day and when you get home you’re just in a pair of dingy, old underwear with holes in them, other parts of your life probably reflect on that too.

Two, picture this if you will. You’re at a job interview, dressed to the nines. You remember everything you need to do to impress: shake their hand just firmly enough, smile and look in their eyes, sit up straight, ask all the right questions, and allow yourself to take time before you answer theirs. You find out later that your attention to detail and presence during the interview has gotten you hired. So, of course, you throw on an old, faded t-shirt, some too-baggy-but-comfortable jeans with holes in them, and some sandals with socks and head in for your first day. They, understandably, would feel like you’re not taking the position seriously. They’d go with someone else. Now, instead of picturing that scenario in a boardroom with your future employers, picture that in a bar or at a party with someone you find particularly interesting and attractive. It’s the end of the night, and they find out that what you’ve got underneath your clothes wouldn’t have an excuse on a seven-year-old, let alone a grown man. It looks like you’ll be single for a while, friend.

What’s So Special About Designer Underwear?

Of course there is an aspect of “showing off” when you’re talking about buying designer clothing of any kind, but there are plenty of pieces of clothing that you’ll find at high-end designers that won’t have a logo or name on them. So, the question remains, “Why buy designer?”


One of the main draws of a piece of designer clothing is the material. The quality of the material tends to be head and shoulders above any low-end piece of clothing. If you’re relegating your shopping to the most basic of clothing, then you’ll shut yourself off to a world of materials or variations on the same material. When you’re considering a piece of clothing that is going to be getting intimate with your intimate parts, you’ll want something that is made out of material that feels good against your body all day every day.


Look at the stitching and design of any random pair of boxers. Just go grab two and take a look. We’ll wait…

What did you notice? There’s not much of a difference between two low-end pairs of underwear. Structurally, they’re essentially identical, and they haven’t had that structural formula changed in years and years, that’s why they’re cheaper: no innovation. If you were to take a look at two completely plain t-shirts, one from a high-end designer and one from the truck stop outside of town, you’d notice the difference between the two. You’d be getting totally different quality clothes. It’s easy to feel the stiffness and fragility in the latter shirt because it’s made of lesser material using a lesser construction method. This extends to every article of clothing, including underwear.

In the end, you’ll want to get clothes that last.


Frankly, designer clothes usually look better. That’s not to say that all brand name items will look better on you, but the ones that do look better on you will look much better than anything out of a $3 for 3 pack. Some people may thing it vain or narcissistic, but I don’t only want to look good when I’m out on the town. I want to look good all the way through to the end of the day. And if I can feel good doing it in underwear that’s going to last a while, so much the better.


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