What the Hell is Pima Cotton?

If you’ve been browsing our collection for a while, you might have noticed that a significant number of our designs are made with Pima cotton. We know, not every guy is exactly well-versed in the field of textile identification, so we’ll do you a favor and fill you in on something we’ve come to know. Wondering what the hell Pima cotton is? It’s a godsend. That’s what it is. The ultra-premium cotton is pretty fucking great, and the second you try on one of our pieces made with it, you’ll understand for yourself why we include it in so many of our VK Nagrani pieces.

Where is it From?

Ok so when you think of cotton, you probably think of the American South, where much of the plant has been grown in the past, and where much of it continues to grow in present day, but Pima cotton is a little different. The plant is actually grown in Peru, Australia, and the American Southwest. The cotton takes its name from the Native American Pima tribe of Arizona, but it was first cultivated for use in fabric down in Peru before it become popular to grow in the first part of the 20th century.

What Makes it Special?

Perhaps the biggest draw for Pima is its superior blend that lends itself to softness and absorbency. While most of the cotton we tend to see used in clothing is part of the Gossypium hirsutum species, Pima cotton is part of the Gossypium barbadense species. But you probably already knew that bit, right? The distinction is indicative of an ultimately different type of plant, one that has longer threads that are conducive to dense weaves, similar to the Egyptian cotton used in sheets and towels.

Where Do We Use it?

If there’s one thing that’s set us apart from our competitors, it’s been our high quality men’s designer socks, underwear, t-shirts and lounge wear. After all, wouldn’t it only be right to have the best cotton against your body? Combined with a bit of elastic to maintain its stretch, Pima produces an unbelievably comfortable garments that maintain its quality over time and won’t start thinning the second time you put it on. It’s dense, it’s absorbent, and it’s the perfectly suited for your comfort. Aside from our socks, we’ve used Peruvian Pima in other items like our Polo Classico shirt for a comfortable, breathable wear that any guy can appreciate.

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