Sail Away In Linen


The primary reason we created this shirt was to hopefully give you a sophisticated option to the summer Hawaiian shirt. We love Hawaiian shirts for costume parties, Magnum PI re-run parties, and the sorts. But for the civilized, summer is about linen. In this case, the pure Italian linen derives its colour from a printing process. When printed the hand of the fabric softens dramatically and the shirt feels more like cotton than linen. The fit is modern but not dramatically slim or remotely close to the shape of your favorite Hawaiian shirt.



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The Toronto Jacket

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, you are aware that seasons mean nothing. We design and create clothing based on how many months you can wear the piece.

The Toronto Jacket is a seven month piece. Created using Loro Piano Storm System fabric, this light but incredibly versatile piece was inspired by the early 20th Century English field jacket.

Toronto Jacket

As weather continues to be unpredictable, this piece comes with a zip in “Bat Skin” hood & a waist cord. You can wear this on its own layer depending on the day or even hour. It is light weight, water repellent and versatile.

The pockets allow ample storage and the fit is trim and close to the body yet easily accommodates a light weight sweater underneath without becoming too tight. The buttons are a combination of rubber and horn which adds a modern twist to classic.



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The Stryker Hoodie


Is it even possible to create a sophisticated hoodie? Well, here you have it. Why? Well, it is made like a jacket, it bears a zipper made for a leather jacket, it has balance and elegance. It’s made with Pima Flannel and stretch. It embraces the body and we can keep on going but better you experience it all yourself. Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce to you The Stryker Hoodie.

1. Origin: Peru
2. 98% Pima Cotton
3. 2% Stretch
4. Wash in warm water with like colours and gentle dry

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Sprung On Accessories

The Berlin Wall scarf, Devil’s Blood fragrance, and a pair of Jacquard socks all for $395. An accessories package designed for Spring 16.

Scarf and socks will be selected at RANDOM. Offer ends in 72 hours.


1. Berlin Wall Scarf

Inspired by the graffiti on the Berlin Wall, VK Nagrani reprints the art works of anonymous artists across the walls from east to west.. Some are vivid, and some are depressing, but all beautiful.


48 of each pattern produced.


2. Devil’s Blood

Created by famed French parfumer Bernard Duchafout under the direction of sartorialist William Parmesani. The fragrance was created to capture the male experience.
200 bottles produced.


3. 1939 Jacquards

Each of these limited edition pieces are made the same way luxury hosiery was made before WW2. We combined luxury fabrics with modern technology and produced this collection on a machine that has been dormant for over 35 years.


144 pieces per colour produced.


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